Hey Everyone! 

How are you all doing? 

I am doing pretty well. Today I had taken some food that I had made over to my friends who had a baby last week. While I was there they let me hold their baby girl, who is darling and tiny. 

While I was out, I decided to run to the beach for a bit. On the drive I had a lot going through my mind, which included whether I would ever find a job where I was working with Oregon and American West History and sharing it with today’s kids and making it interesting and tangible for them. Ever since I went to Barkerville as a kid, I have been fascinated by ghost towns and the frontier life (i.e. Laura Ingalls Wilder). Though it was not until college when I really began to understand history and why I loved it so much. How it was presented was different. I was also at an age where I could go out and explore what remained of some of what I had previously read about. In my K – 12 education the history I got was out of a biased textbook that only presented one interpretation of the events. It was also a lot of names and dates that I, to this day do not remember most of. In college, we were taught and shown different interpretations of the same facts, and sent to make conclusions based on the evidence was given. While we did have names and dates we also read and learned about what was going on socially, culturally, religiously, and that while the wars were going on, there were real people living their everyday lives, that the textbooks make no mention of. I can only speak for myself, but being someplace like Barkerville or Fort Stevens or Fort Columbia, made history real for me, because real people who were really no different than you or I had spent time living there, and working there. They played their part in history, they all had names, personalities, parents, siblings, many had spouses and kids. Not everyone is going to be a Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Laura Ingalls Wilder or Margaret Thatcher, but we all have a story. Many of us lead ordinary lives, that won’t make the history books, but we all have been impacted by the “historical events” that take place during our lifetime. For me (so far) that has included 9/11 and the Iraq War. 

How I got off on a History Tangent when my original train of thought was more along the lines of Old long gone logging towns that are a part of Oregon’s History and how I would love to see one rebuilt or restored for the purpose of education and to make that part of history come to life. I was also thinking about if I would ever be able to use my degree, love of and passion for the history of the American West in a career. That is part of why I have been keeping my adventures blog, and started a YouTube channel to document my adventures and the history I interact with. 

It is always good to have goals and something to work toward. 


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