Building my Business 

Hey Everyone!

Happy Sunday! 

This past week has been incredibly busy. I had my job, as well as my first week of ItWorks, as well as a couple adventures and a team meeting. 

I have been wanting to write this post for most of the week, but am finally getting around to it which means I need to work on my time management skills a bit more. 

I joined it works because I wanted to work hard to achieve the freedom of getting out of debt and living the kind of life I have always wanted to live. If it actually happens (yeah I have heard all the “DirectSales / MLM only works for a few people” and “most people fail before they really start”), which I am going to work my butt off doing so, to try to make it happen for me. Even if I could earn enough to pay for my products and a few of my current bills I would be happy. 

Friday I had gone to the beach for a bit to get out of the city. Coming back I hit traffic and it took me an hour to get from Hillsboro to the Ross Island Bridge, which I was so ready to be done with, and reaffirmed why I am not a fan of driving in the city during rush hour. 

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