Make heads of tails

Hey Everyone! 

This year, it seems like my life has been constantly changing and I have been having to make one big decision after another and I have felt like I have not been able to settle down into a normal rhythm. I have been on the go for months. Thank goodness for my greens and greens chews, and for staying healthy through the winter.

Through the busyness and chaos that is my life I can still see the lord working, and how some things have fallen into place. New friendships have been made, older friendships strengthened, and others distanced from. 

Another common theme, thought or idea that has been on my mind and heart is the hope and determination to be able to create my own home, and in having my own home, doing more stuff in the ways of hospitality, and serving others. 

For most of the past six years I have felt stuck and like life was passing me by. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I really surrendered my life to God, and then started seeing things happen. It was at that point that my life really began going at full force. I have been seeing God work and change me. 

I have also noticed a shift from being all tomboy to being a bit more ladylike in my outfit choices. Somehow, and I do mean somehow I have pulled off looking nice without really trying. Half the time I seriously just grab clothes and throw them on without much thought or effort and it turns out looking nice. The independent, adventurous, outdoorsy tomboy still exists but has learned that there is a time and a place for everything. 

I keep hoping one day I will wake up and see the completed puzzle for this chapter of my life and that the past few months will all make sense. 


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