Month: May 2016

May Update! 

Hey Everyone! 

I feel like I havn’t talked to you guys in forever. Earlier this month I had a cold that I finally completely kicked within the past week or so. 

May has kinda been a blur, like what happened to this month? This weekend has seen the first real adventures literally in a month. 

What this month, and even the past five months, has taught me is that I am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to doing. I have been learning about the kind of woman I am. The kind of woman who knows what she believes in, and won’t compromise on the important issues. The kind of woman who knows her worth, and won’t let anyone take away from that or diminish that value. This past year, I have believed in myself like never before, I have believed in my dreams like never before. I have gained so much confidence this last year I am amazed. I have been seeing my life change like crazy. I have found things I am passionate about, built stronger friendships, and become a better person. 


Making New Friends! 

Hey All! 

Thanks for being patient with me lately! The past few months have been insane! 

The best part of the insanity is joining the Direct Sales world. I joined ItWorks as a distributor at the beginning of April, and through that I have been making new friends, as well as getting to know others better. I love the connection and bonds made with other ladies who are in DS to help make a better life for themselves and their families. Even if they aren’t working with the same company I am, they still get it and understand the DS world. I love being able to just chat with these ladies. One of whom is a consultant for a company whose products I fell in love with last fall, and we chatted for a while tonight. 

Just seeing how I have changed because of having these ladies in my life is amazing, and they have changed my life for the better. 

The past 5 months have flown by, I have constantly been busy, which has been amazing. I wouldn’t change any of what I have done for the world. 

Getting over being Sick

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a good week last week! 

This last week I was sick, and I am finally feeling better. 

Before I had gotten sick I had gone on a hike with my best friend at one of the local hiking trails. Portland has quite a few places to hike in the city, or near enough to the city to go for a morning or afternoon hike. 

While I was sick, I finished watching Hart of Dixie, as well as having  rewatched the sixth season of Downton Abbey, and finishing up a size two knit for kids sweater. 

I am still doing ItWorks, and in my first month I did make a little bit in commission, a little bit is better than nothing. I have seen something for my efforts. Direct Sales is not easy and take time to work your way up, which is why I am doing this in addition to maintaining my full time job. The whole reason I became an ItWorks distributor is because I love the products and I want to earn a little extra money while I am at it.