Getting over being Sick

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a good week last week! 

This last week I was sick, and I am finally feeling better. 

Before I had gotten sick I had gone on a hike with my best friend at one of the local hiking trails. Portland has quite a few places to hike in the city, or near enough to the city to go for a morning or afternoon hike. 

While I was sick, I finished watching Hart of Dixie, as well as having  rewatched the sixth season of Downton Abbey, and finishing up a size two knit for kids sweater. 

I am still doing ItWorks, and in my first month I did make a little bit in commission, a little bit is better than nothing. I have seen something for my efforts. Direct Sales is not easy and take time to work your way up, which is why I am doing this in addition to maintaining my full time job. The whole reason I became an ItWorks distributor is because I love the products and I want to earn a little extra money while I am at it. 


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