May Update! 

Hey Everyone! 

I feel like I havn’t talked to you guys in forever. Earlier this month I had a cold that I finally completely kicked within the past week or so. 

May has kinda been a blur, like what happened to this month? This weekend has seen the first real adventures literally in a month. 

What this month, and even the past five months, has taught me is that I am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to doing. I have been learning about the kind of woman I am. The kind of woman who knows what she believes in, and won’t compromise on the important issues. The kind of woman who knows her worth, and won’t let anyone take away from that or diminish that value. This past year, I have believed in myself like never before, I have believed in my dreams like never before. I have gained so much confidence this last year I am amazed. I have been seeing my life change like crazy. I have found things I am passionate about, built stronger friendships, and become a better person. 

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