Month: June 2016

Friends and a concert 

Hey Everyone!
I just wanted to give you all a little update.
Friday my best friend and I went to the beach and to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We also walked through the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse before going down on the beach for a while before coming home. It was a great day with my best friend.
Saturday I got together with my ItWorks Upline and one of my teammates who is also enrolled with the same Upline. We have become friends. We went and got coffee (or in my case a passion tea lemonade), then went for a nature walk. That afternoon my Upline and I took her girls to the river for a while just to relax for a bit, beings that it was a perfect day. 
Sunday was a full day of church, and yesterday (Monday) was the concert. Sunday morning I helped my friend who has three boys under 2 (a set of twins and a 5 month old). Last night she brought her youngest who I got to hold through most of the concert. Poor baby though, I had finally got him to sleep then Marche Slav and the Battle Hymn of the Republic kept startling him. So I had one ear against me, and put a hand over his other ear and that seemed to help muffle the sound and he slept through most of it. 
My friend had also brought me some samples which are amazing, she and I are both doing DS for different companies so it is fun to give each other samples, and try each other’s products. 


When you Realize your Purpose 

Hey Everyone! 

I know I have been talking about this a lot lately. 

I finally understand what I am supposed to being doing and working toward. I know I have known it for a while, but it took a while to really understand why it is what I am supposed to be doing and why it is my purpose. 

Helping children in need has always been a passion of mine since I was young. How exactly it will work out I do not know, but there are a couple of route that have been on my heart and mind. 

There are so many children who could use help, from having clothes to wear, food to eat, a roof over their head, an opportunity to finish their K – 12 education, have their basic health needs met and so on and so forth. 

My brain has been going a mile a minute about all the past couple of weeks. What I do know, is that if it is what I am supposed to do, it will work out. 

Putting the Pieces Together. 

Hey Everyone! 

I wanted to take a but if time that has been weighing on my heart for a while. 

The subject being strong women and being a good Christian woman. To many these concepts are mutually exclusive, which they are not mutually exclusive. Those who argue that these concepts are mutually exclusive typically argue for women not attending college, or having careers, they also argue for the stay at home daughters movement, girls staying at home until they get married and supervised courtship. 

I first started really trying to understand this concept when I was in college and read “I kissed dating goodbye”, and as I was reading it, I was like “this is just a bunch of nonsense, I can’t get behind any of it”. 

Then years went by, life went on as usual, I graduated from college, with my bachelors degree, from a university 65 miles from where I grew up, and I lived in my own during that time. 

About a year after I graduated I went to New York on my own to be a nanny, and have had several jobs since then. 

I had pretty much forgotten about “I kissed dating goodbye”, and had lived my life until about a year ago.  There were a couple of instances where the whole idea of a Christian woman is under her father’s jurisdiction until she gets married, and during that period he is accountable to God, for her decisions and actions even when she is past the age of accountability, and when she is married her husband is then accountable for her. I had called foul on at least two occasions with at least two occasions. 

I am a firm believer that a strong woman can also be amazing Christians. I know this because I have seen it lived in front of me. Being a strong woman and being a strong Christian woman are not mutually exclusive. A woman can be both. Not every young woman meets the man she will marry at a young age, and she may not even marry at all. 

At least here in the industrialized world in the 21st century, women are accountable for themselves and can have full independent life that is also doing exactly what God calls them to do. 

Why has all this been on my mind and my heart, because I am late 20’s, working on my career, being the best friend I can be, going on adventures, and in general being independent and loving it. With all that I have been seeking God’s will for my life and future, and part of that involves being who I am – a strong independent woman, who goes on adventures, and lives by example. 

For the past several months I have been trying to figure out who I am, where my life is going. I finally feel like that is becoming clear to me. Part of that is continuing to be myself – the strong independent woman who can take of herself, and doesn’t need a man to have a life, but would like to have the right man in her life at the  right time

My Journey so Far

Hey Everyone! 

When I started blogging, it gave me something to do when I was unemployed and trying to figure out what direction I was supposed to be going career wise. Little did I know that 5+ years after I started my first blog, I would still be blogging. I couldn’t have imagined what I have seen and done since then, yet still how empty and meaningless my life would feel living in the city I was raised in. I live in a city of plenty, where I have access to anything I could need or want, when all I want is a home of my own somewhere where I as a person can make a difference. 

Over the course of the last 4 or so months I have begun to understand that my purpose is to more than just living in the city, where I get up each day and work a day job then when I get off work I go and pacify the rest of my time with meaningless or self centered & Self serving persuits. The city life in and of itself has been wasted on me. 

I prefer doing things like knitting for children in need, reading books, hiking, discovering new things, learning about other cultures, and helping those less fortunate than myself. 

I have been independent since I was young, I have had to be. When it was time to think about my future I went off to college, I lived in my own, and then started looking for work. It was sometime after I had come back from New York (a trip I took on my own btw), that I had heard of the Stay at home daughter movement, which to this day makes no sense to me, especially in this country and in this century. I know that I had a good Christian upbringing, but the whole concept that my father is accountable to God for my decisions and such until I get married was not how I was raised so it was never in my vocabulary, and going to college was never not an option. Where I went to college – my decision. what I majored in – my decision. changing my major – my decision. Going to New York in my own at 23 – my decision. Who I spend my time with – my decision. Who I date – my decision. Whether I date or not – my decision. I am accountable of my decisions and my actions. My father, once I turned 18 was no longer responsible or accountable for me. Does that make me a bad Christian woman? Not in the least. The past few months especially, I have been seeing the lord work in my life in ways that I can only explain as his doing. I still see him leading and guiding my life. Why the whole stay at home daughter thing has been on my heart and mind lately is because I know the lord has put something, a calling perhaps, on my heart that would take me far away from where I want, to serve him in a capacity there. I don’t really want to talk specifics yet, because I am still in the praying, waiting, and seeking the lord’s  will phase. Whether the Lord calls me to go or not is what I am waiting on, I have just had the the lord ask “are you willing to go and serve me there?” Question put on my heart. I know if it is what he wants he will work out the details. All I know is that the whole stay at home daughter lifestyle is not what I am called to do. 

As for the whole “being te keeper of the home” business, what I didn’t learn about cooking, cleaning, running a home, taking care of kids (I am the youngest of 2 btw), when I was a kid, I learned through having my own home in college, and babysitting, working in a daycare, and helping my friends with their kids. 

So, why am I going off on what seems like a tangent? Well, it really comes down to the fact that I have been learning about what I am supposed to be doing with my life, and trying to not not listen o what everyone else thinks I should be doing with it or how they think I should behaving or thinking. I am who I am today because of God, and the life he has given me, that the things he has taught me. I know there is more in store for my life than just being a wife and mother. 

When I started blogging years ago, little did I know my best friend would be my best friend or that should and I would have some amazing adventures together, or that I would meet a group of ladies who would become my friends, and accept me for who I am. 

For the longest time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog about this, but I decided it was time to get it out, and share my experience.