Putting the Pieces Together. 

Hey Everyone! 

I wanted to take a but if time that has been weighing on my heart for a while. 

The subject being strong women and being a good Christian woman. To many these concepts are mutually exclusive, which they are not mutually exclusive. Those who argue that these concepts are mutually exclusive typically argue for women not attending college, or having careers, they also argue for the stay at home daughters movement, girls staying at home until they get married and supervised courtship. 

I first started really trying to understand this concept when I was in college and read “I kissed dating goodbye”, and as I was reading it, I was like “this is just a bunch of nonsense, I can’t get behind any of it”. 

Then years went by, life went on as usual, I graduated from college, with my bachelors degree, from a university 65 miles from where I grew up, and I lived in my own during that time. 

About a year after I graduated I went to New York on my own to be a nanny, and have had several jobs since then. 

I had pretty much forgotten about “I kissed dating goodbye”, and had lived my life until about a year ago.  There were a couple of instances where the whole idea of a Christian woman is under her father’s jurisdiction until she gets married, and during that period he is accountable to God, for her decisions and actions even when she is past the age of accountability, and when she is married her husband is then accountable for her. I had called foul on at least two occasions with at least two occasions. 

I am a firm believer that a strong woman can also be amazing Christians. I know this because I have seen it lived in front of me. Being a strong woman and being a strong Christian woman are not mutually exclusive. A woman can be both. Not every young woman meets the man she will marry at a young age, and she may not even marry at all. 

At least here in the industrialized world in the 21st century, women are accountable for themselves and can have full independent life that is also doing exactly what God calls them to do. 

Why has all this been on my mind and my heart, because I am late 20’s, working on my career, being the best friend I can be, going on adventures, and in general being independent and loving it. With all that I have been seeking God’s will for my life and future, and part of that involves being who I am – a strong independent woman, who goes on adventures, and lives by example. 

For the past several months I have been trying to figure out who I am, where my life is going. I finally feel like that is becoming clear to me. Part of that is continuing to be myself – the strong independent woman who can take of herself, and doesn’t need a man to have a life, but would like to have the right man in her life at the  right time


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