Month: July 2016

Over Night Beach Trip with the BestieĀ 

Hey Everyone!

This past Sunday and Monday I spent at the beach with my best friend and her family. I kinda crashed her family’s beach trip, but they were all cool with it. I got to spend time with the babies (22 month old twins, their 6 month old little brother and 4 month old little cousin). 

Sunday, my best friend and I went to church at the church we attended in college (we have known each other our whole lives, then went to colleges about 20ish miles away from each other), before heading over then up the coastline to Tillamook. We stopped there so I could buy food, and we could get jerky at the Tillamook County Smoker. Tillamook is known for its cheese, ice cream, yogurt and butter, so the males are then used to make jerky and other tasty goodies. I love Tillamook jerky. It’s the best (so is the cheese and other dairy products, I just haven’t been able to eat for the last few years). 

Upon arriving at the beach house, we changed, played with babies, had dinner, went to the beach, went back to the house for dessert before going to town for Matches. Then went back to the beach to watch the sunset and get kindling for our camp fire. We had a campfire, where we made s’mores, had tea and talked until almost midnight. 

Monday, she got up first, and had gone down on the beach. I got up a little later, showered, went down on the beach for a little bit, went back to the house, held babies, and we had breakfast. More time was spent with the littles (4 under the age of 2), helping get them ready for the day, and getting the littlest dude down for a nap. 

After all that my best friend and I took a drive up to Cannon Beach, and wandered around, I bought yarn. We got lunch at Mo’s, before going to the antique store in Wheeler, before I had to head home since I had to work on Tuesday. 

The past few days have been a little rough since I have been missing the beach, and waking up at the beach and having campfires.  

I have always loved the beach. Though the past couple years it has really gotten in my blood, and from about March to September I feel like I practically live there, from how often I go. Many times I wish I could finds job there (or have a job that would send me there), and move there. 

A couple summers ago I fell in love with the area where my best friend’s family vacations each summer (I had crashed that vacation for a day that year as well, and had taken the twins and littlest dude’s mom with me, who was less than a month away from having the twins). That was the summer I first heard Rend Collective’s music. 


Where my Life is Headed

Hey Everyone! 

This year has been a year full of growing and changing for me, and it has been for the better. 

I know I have talked about it in previous posts, that I have been digging deep, and figuring out who I am, my purpose and my contribution in life. I know that as I get older and hopefully wiser that I will change. I am not the same as I was at 18 nor will I be the same person I am now, when I am 38. Life is about changes, and adapting when you need to as well as holding on to what you believe in. If you had asked me 5 years ago if I were going to be living in the same city I grew up in and finding my current purpose here, I would have told you that you were crazy. 

Growing up I was the fat kid, and got bullied a lot, so I grew up being insecure and self conscious. These have plagued me into adulthood. They have also contributed to the eating disorders and eating disorder tendencies I have dealt with at different points over the years. Many times I just wanted to be invisible and disappear. 

In the past 5 years my best friend became my best friend. I also developed food intolerances, and have continued to struggle with my weight. In the past 6 months I have found the company ItWorks, and met my Upline (we had a mutual friend), who has become another good friend. 

These last few months I have been changing for the better. I have definitely found my voice. Now I am working toward the living out my purpose, and being the best version of myself that I can be.