Playing Catch Up! 

Hey Everyone!

This past week has been pretty busy. Over the Labor Day weekend, I got my ears pierced. I already had the helix of my left ear pierced, when I got my lobes pierced. These were not my first piercings. I originally had my ears and right helix pierced back in 2011 before. I went to New York (a cartilege piercing was still my first piercing), but took them all out. About a year and a half ago, I started getting piercings again, but at different times too out what I had and they healed. I have had so many cartilege piercings it isn’t funny, and is no longer a big deal or really that painful, since I know what to expect.  

Friday I had also stopped at my favorite bakery and got treats on my way over to Vancouver, as the mall closest to me didn’t have what I was looking for, so rather than going over to the west side suburbs I went across the river to Vancouver, Washington and went to the mall there and found what I was looking for, then got tea and too tea and treats to my mom since I was in her vicinity.

Over the long weekend I house/pet sat for a friend of mine who went out of town, and couldn’t take the dog with her. 

On Saturday I ran a few errands and found a new jacket, a new top, and a really cute new pair of boots for Fall. 

This past week has also been looking, feeling, and smelling like fall. They are saying next week is supposed to warm up again, but I am so ready for fall to stick around. 

With Monday being a holiday, this week is a short week for me, which is pretty nice. 


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