Posh Day Away

Hey Everyone!

The past couple weeks have been rough. I have been having to channel all the energy I have to stay focused and remember that this won’t last forever and God has a plan for my life. 

Yesterday I had gone with a friend of mine who is a perfectly posh consultant to the Posh Day Away event here in Portland. One of her coworker’s also came, it was a lot of fun. My friend’s coworker, is also a christian and a very sweet lady. So yesterday was a great girls day out. I had really needed it. 

Yesterday I was reminded of how I was glad I had grown up and learned to drive in the city, as it made navigating easier, but today I was reminded how overwhelming living in the city actually is for me. On my lunch break I ran to the bank and Fred Meyer, and after work I went to Michael’s (the craft store), Joann’s (the other craft store), Bimart and Safeway. The fact that they are close enough together that I could be like “since this store doesn’t have what I am looking for, I will go to the other store” and so on and so forth. That is what I loved about being in college, and being in a small town. While it would have been nice to have have had a Fred Meyer in the county, there were no malls, costcos, target stores, or chain craft stores, or health food stores, if you wanted any of that you had to go to the city. I liked it that way, it was a good reason to come see my family. Now due to my food intolerances, being close enough to the city to make a day trip is semi necessary, but far enough away that the city has no real influence on the small town life. 

With that small town life I had way more opportunities to get out and explore the outdoors. It was also nice to have a place of my own to go home to. I really am a small town girl at heart. 


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