Month: October 2016

The Legacy I want to Leave

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, while my best friend and I were out at Oxbow Regional Park. We both loved what we were seeing while out there. 

We had gone for a short hike, and while we were there, I couldn’t help but feeling like I was from the wrong period of time, and I kept wondering about what would it have been like for the early settlers to the area, and what their lives were like 150 years ago. Other than diaries that were written by those who lived during that era, we don’t have many first hand accounts of their day to day lives. That discussion then lead to us talking about documenting our own day to day lives, and talking about my own childhood, and what it was like to be 13 when 9/11 occurred and how that changed our lives, and the world as we knew it. What a way to mark our entry into our teenage years. Also talking about the music, movies, tv shows and such that are iconic of our generation. Now that I am an adult, what my own life is like, especially living in Portland Oregon, and for me personally walking the line between alternative and mainstream culture, and lifestyle. 

So watch for those posts coming up in the near future! 


Portland is so much More

Hey Everyone! 

Welcome back! It’s been a while. 

It went from being summer to full on rainy, cool fall. 

This time of year really makes me want to be out outside, and living life to the fullest. Over the past year I have realized how much this part of the country is my home, and the lifestyle is definitely something I want to embrace a bit more. I want to do more urban homesteading, living a more natural lifestyle and get out of the house more than a couple days a week. That would take a new job, which I would be ok with. I am really wanting to learn more about the Portland subculture that I wasn’t allowed to embrace when I was younger. 

Portland could be compared to Seattle or San Francisco, but it’s not, it has its own unique culture. While I am wanting to explore more of the hipster and natural sub cultures here. One of the things I love about Portland, is all the small, independent, locally owned stores, craft stores, bakeries, tea shops, coffee shops, and restaurants. 

Portland is a place for crafters, from craft beer, small batches of local wine, farms, locally grown produce, local honey, at least 3 local bread companies, knitters, Crocheters and the yarn stores to support them, and locally crafted tea. 

It amazes me how there are parts of the big city where you can get lost in your day to day life, and not know your next door neighbor or your children’s best friend’s parents, and yet there are communities within the same city, where everyone knows the people on the block, and know their kid’s friend’s parents because they go to PTA meetings, school events, host play dates, and whether they are friends themselves or not their are involved in their children’s lives and know the other adults in their children’s lives. 

Finally Piecing it Together

Hey Everyone!

In many ways I feel like my life has been standing still, yet so much has been changing. For so long I wondered what my purpose and calling were. In the past year, I finally feel like I have been given a call and purpose. 

I graduated from college with no real plan and no job lined up, and it was scary, a little over a year after I graduated from college I went to New York, on my own, and it was definitely was one of those growing experiences. It really helped me to grow, and that when I know something is right for me, I can’t let fear hold me back. If I had let fear get the best of me, I know I wouldn’t be who I am today. 

I have known for years I am not a city girl. I may know how to navigate the city, but the fast paced lifestyle isn’t for me.

Over the course of the past couple of years, I have begun to see that who I am, the outdoorsy girl who loves the ocean, hiking and pretty much everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer, is OK, and who I am supposed to be. This part of the country is my home and where my roots are. While I love exploring and seeing new places, there is nothing like getting back home. 

Going up a mountain 

Hey Everyone! 

This afternoon I went for a drive, and decided to go to Mt Saint Helens. Today ended up being a stormy autumn day, and only got stormier the further up I went. While it was good for thinking, it wasn’t as good to see the scenery. I only went part way up before I turned around to head back, as I wanted to be in cellphone range before sunset. 

While I was on that mountain, and having it be chilly and wet, it got me thinking about the pioneers and early white settlers in this part of the country. I was thinking about how cold and miserable it would be to be having to live back then, if they didn’t have some form of permanent housing to repel the rain and a fireplace to make a fire, or dry clothes to change into. 

I love the outdoors, and I love living in this part of the country. I love the cold and the rain. I also love being able to come back into a warm dry house and having dry clothes to change into, and means of getting warm again, I love being able to warm up by a fire, with a hot cup of tea. I can’t imagine being a pioneer, with at best a tent this time of year, where it would be cold, wet and dirty 24/7 for months on end. 

The thought had gone through my mind, of being a pioneer woman who had left her friends and family behind, following her husband and his dream. Then spending your first winter out here in a homestead cabin, and how hard that would be. In trying to imagine what it would be like, and I wondered how many women deep down really wanted to say “forget it, this place sucks, I just want to go home”, but had to stick it out, as they had no choice. 

Yes that is the kind of stuff that goes on in my head when I am on my own. I think about women’s history, American history, and anthropology pretty much all at once.