Portland is so much More

Hey Everyone! 

Welcome back! It’s been a while. 

It went from being summer to full on rainy, cool fall. 

This time of year really makes me want to be out outside, and living life to the fullest. Over the past year I have realized how much this part of the country is my home, and the lifestyle is definitely something I want to embrace a bit more. I want to do more urban homesteading, living a more natural lifestyle and get out of the house more than a couple days a week. That would take a new job, which I would be ok with. I am really wanting to learn more about the Portland subculture that I wasn’t allowed to embrace when I was younger. 

Portland could be compared to Seattle or San Francisco, but it’s not, it has its own unique culture. While I am wanting to explore more of the hipster and natural sub cultures here. One of the things I love about Portland, is all the small, independent, locally owned stores, craft stores, bakeries, tea shops, coffee shops, and restaurants. 

Portland is a place for crafters, from craft beer, small batches of local wine, farms, locally grown produce, local honey, at least 3 local bread companies, knitters, Crocheters and the yarn stores to support them, and locally crafted tea. 

It amazes me how there are parts of the big city where you can get lost in your day to day life, and not know your next door neighbor or your children’s best friend’s parents, and yet there are communities within the same city, where everyone knows the people on the block, and know their kid’s friend’s parents because they go to PTA meetings, school events, host play dates, and whether they are friends themselves or not their are involved in their children’s lives and know the other adults in their children’s lives. 


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