Where is Home

Hey Everyone!

Today was my week day off of work (I work 4 ten hour days). I seriously needed to get out of town for the day. So I drove to the towns I had lived in while I was in college. I had also grabbed lunch while I was in the area and shipped a couple boxes at the post office. 

I don’t know if it is just because I have been away from living there longer than I lived there or because I have changed in the almost 6.5 years I have not lived there, but those two towns are really no longer home for me. They were the home I needed when I was there, and an amazing home they were. I have come to realize that that chapter of my life is closed, and I will always love that area, and it will always have a special place in my heart as the first place that ever felt like home. Now I look back and go visit, I am not really sad about leaving anymore, the sadness for having left is gone. Now I look at it and see how living there changed me, and know that I want to feel about that area being my real home, some place else. I doubt I will ever feel that way about living in the city but I am sure I will feel that way about some place else, when I find the place I am supposed to be. 

I am kind of leaning away from living in the actual valley, mainly because it is typically then warmest and brightest, and I honestly have a hard time with the Heat and bright lights. I know I am Heat and light sensitive, so living in Southern California is definitely out of the question. 

I know I have been back in the city too long when I drive down Main St at like 3:45 on a Friday afternoon and am like “this place is dead”, when I know it’s not, I have just gotten used to the hustle and bustle of Hawthorne, Belmont, and Alberta that are very active throughout the day. Especially this time of year in that town not many people are out walking around at 3:45 on a Friday afternoon. All the college kids are either still in class, gone home for the weekend, studying or hanging out at wherever they are living or at a friend’s place. In small towns like that if the kids aren’t hanging out at a friend’s house they are at home, and there really isn’t much in the way of night life there. 

Yesterday my October Scentsy order arrived which I was and still am excited about since I ordered my first Diffuser and some essential oils and I am so excited to finally try a Diffuser and essential oils. 

I know I talk about it a lot about wanting and needing to live a more natural lifestyle for my own well being. I am not one of those people who shuns modern medicine and all things mainstream. I fully believe in modern medicine (I wouldn’t be alive if I didn’t), but don’t go running to the doctor for every little thing. If there are natural & effective remedies that are also dairy free, that help keep you healthy, help your body fight colds, allergies and such then I will go that route because our bodies are amazing when allowed to recover themselves with natural non synthetic help. 

That is pretty much what was on my mind today. 


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