The only thing stronger than fear is hope

Hey Everyone! 

As most of you know, this past Tuesday, November 8th, was our presidential election. Donald Trump won. While the popular vote went one way, the Electoral College went the other. It reminded me a lot of the 2000 presidential election, with the exception of a much wider gap in the electorate vote this time around. Though if you look at the percentage difference it is pretty much identical this year as it was in 2000, though the big difference is in how many of the states voted (which in turn is how the electoral college votes), and much of the map was in red this year, and many key states went red. 

With that, and Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, Clinton supporters took to the streets in protest. 

I will make one thing clear, I could not in good conscience vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. I did vote though. While I do not like what either person, I accept the fact that Trump has won, and am moving on with my life, and am holding out hope that maybe, just maybe things will get better than they have in the past 8 years. Since I graduated from college, it has been tough, and the only light at the end of the tunnel has been this election and the hope for change. 

I don’t know about the east coast, but out here on the west coast the protests began once Trump was declared the winner. These protests have been taking place in cities across the country. Here in Portland, they have been taking place daily, beginning with the one on Tuesday night. These protests have shut down freeways, blocking interstate traffic (which is illegal), and have turned into violent, destructive riots, causing several hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage across the city. This is not uncommon for this city, and I am seeing first hand why at one point it had earned the nickname “baby Beirut”, whenever something gets started, sadly Portland gets on the bandwagon and takes it way to far. Though Portland is not the only city that is still protesting, though what’s done is done. It’s a very vocal minority made predominantly up of millennials, who haven’t learned to put on their big kid pants and how to lose, or how to make their voices heard in a constructive manner. These protests really are a demonstration to the country and the world that what our country needed is a change in leadership and fresh blood. As much as I think Trump is a pompous womanizing jerk with an ego the size of Siberia, he may just be the shake up the establishment needed. 

I had left the city last night for a taste of the small town life that I miss. I had already had made the plans that I had long before the mayhem had begun. 

This is a picture I had taken last night. Notice how empty it is? Yeah, the big cities should really be taking notes from their small town neighbors. 


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