Kitchen Duty and Farm Animals!

Hey Everyone! 

This weekend has been a busy one! 

Thursday we had some snow that iced over. Beings that I still work from home, I was still able to work on Thursday. By Friday it had cleared up enough for me to go out and run errands, as well as order some yarn, knitting needles and Special holiday Scentsy bars to make samples of,  before heading over to the church go help make hot cocoa for the first night of the 3 night Christmas event at church. Friday night alone we made 27.5 gallons of hot cocoa. There was said to have been about 700 people who came through that night, which isn’t bad for a Friday night, and not so great weather. 

Yesterday, being Saturday, I slept in, and relaxed a bit before going back over to church for the second nigh of Christmas activities. Last night we made 35 gallons of hot cocoa. There was about 1700 people who came through the event Saturday.

Today I went to church this morning, and then had a little down time before the last night of Christmas activities. Tonight we had made 45.5 gallons of cocoa. Toward the end of the evening my friend came and borrowed me, and I went on the hay ride with her and her family (including her 3 adorable nephews). After that we went and saw the camel, and yes it was a real camel, then went through the petting zoo, where there were rabbits, a baby goat, adult goats, sheep, baby ducks, and a piglet. And yes I used hand sanitizer as well as washed my hands really well before going back to the kitchen. 

Over the course of the weekend, a total of 108 gallons of cocoa was made. 

I am definitely a more behind the scenes, kitchen kind of person anyway. So I was right at home making hot chocolate. I have helped serve cookies and cocoa in the past, but the introvert that I am, does better in the kitchen. 


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