Getting Ready for Christmas!

Hey Everyone!

This has been a busy week. Wednesday we got several inches of snow, which shut down the city and brought traffic to a stand still. It took my mom 3.5 hours to get home (21 miles, which is usally a 30 – 45 minute trip). I fortunately was still able to work Wednesday and Thursday since I work from home. 

Friday, we braved the elements and went out and did some Christmas shopping. Yesterday I had gone and gotten my hair cut, I also had several packages arrive (finally), so I was able to get samples made for my Scentsy customers. I also got my Perfectly Posh package, a Barnes and noble package, and my native (deodorant) packages. 

I haven’t talked about it much on this blog, but I am working onliving a  more simple life. At the end of this month I will no longer have Netflix, once season 6 of Grimm airs, I will get rid of Hulu Plus. I am really trying to cut down the time I needlessly spend on my computer playing computer games and watching shows I am not even really interested in. I still have several tv shows on DVD as well as movies, if I want something to watch while I knit, but I am really trying to spend more time doing things like reading, being outside, and being productive. 

I know I have mentioned that I miss the lifestyle I had in college, going to class during the day, coming home and studying, or writing papers, or doing other homework. So I was pretty busy, on the weekends I would hang out with friends, and once school would be done for the term I would sleep and read books of my own choosing (especially since my minor was literature). Living in a small town where you could barely get the basic TV channels without cable, if at all, you had to find ways to entertain yourself. Once I had my own place I had girls nights and stuff at my place, and went and did other stuff with my friends. Also being a part of a small church, I went on several ladies retreats and my best friend and I had gone to the beach at least once together (not to mention the times I went on my own). 

As Christmas approaches, it the busyness I am trying to slow down, reflect on this year, and how I want to do so next year differently. 


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