Merry Christmas! 

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

This year has flown by, even though it seems like nothing spectacular has happened. 

Now that Christmas is winding down, I begin to look forward to the next big event, which is my birthday, which is this next week. During this upcoming week, I am trying to make some goals for 2017, that I am hoping to accomplish. Some of my goals include reading more books, as I have many sitting, waiting for me to read them. I fore sure want to read the entire Outlander series (that have been published) and the entire Game of the Thrones series (that have been published). Many of the books I have are quite long, which is a good thing, I have plenty to read. I also want to complete all the knitting projects I have in the works, as well as knit up several more sweaters. I also want to get better at knitting up socks, especially boot socks so I have plenty of choices and so if I get busy, I won’t have to wash the hand wash only socks as often. 

This year has also been a tough one for sticking with Clean Eating. Now that the holidays are winding down, I am trying to change that, and get back to eating healthy and being almost completely gluten free and egg free. 

I want to spend more time outside, hiking and going on adventures. That goes hand in hand with my eating healthy goals. Being outside in the fresh air, getting exercise is important. 


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