Month: January 2017

Into the Woods

Hey Everyone!

The snow had finally melted off last week, in plenty of time for my weekday off. 

After having been stuck at home for the better part of at least two weeks, due to ice and snow. This past Friday I just needed to get out and go somewhere. I had been cooped up too long. I decided to drive down to Silver Falls State Park for something to do. 

I didn’t do a lot of hiking while I was there since I was on my own, and it was around 12:30 pm when I got there. Beings the days are stills pretty short, and it was overcast and drizzling, it wasn’t optimal hiking weather, well at least not for the clothes I was wearing. I will have to go back on a day that is a bit warmer and do more hiking. 

This week especially, I have been working hard on knitting a pair of wool socks for myself. I am working on making enough wool socks that I have a good stash of boot socks for when I go hiking, since I love hiking in the cooler weather the best. I would like to have a decent stash, because I would ultimately love to do more hiking and go on multi – day camping / hiking trips, and have enough hand knit wool boot socks to have a clean pair for every day and not have to wash socks while I am out, unless it is absolutely necessary. 

That is also why I am waiting on my second KnitPicks order to arrive with more of the Palette Yarn that I am working with for Socks. This time I bought more browns and blues, so that I have a variety of colors besides just grey. I had also ordered blocking boards and T pin for projects that have to be washed and blocked. I am excited to finally be getting blocking boards and T pins, for better blocking results than trying to straight pin projects to towels. I am hoping the boards will help projects to dry faster. 

This year, my goal is to spend my free time doing what I love. I want to spend more time reading, going on adventures, knitting, and spending more time on my blogs. I am still trying to figure out a consistent schedule, at least for this blog. My other blogs are dependent on having content to write about, but I definitely want to put more energy into my blogs. 


Winter Cabin Fever in the City

Hey Everyone!

We have had snow on the ground for 7 days straight. Here in this part of the country means the roads are an ice skating rink until it melts off, so the city & schools has been shut down for the entire time, on top of other ice storms this winter. So I have only left the house once, long enough to go to the grocery store in the past week and a half. 

I am ready for the snow and ice to be gone, and it should be gone soon. I can handle rain, that is no issue for me. I am excited to finally be able to go out and about on my own again, as I am tired of being stuck inside. 

During this once every few years snow event, I have been spending my free time after work, I have been working on my knitting projects, including socks, as well as reading a book. 

This past week, I finished the first sock in a pair I am working on knitting up. I have tried knitting socks in the past, but they were more for practice. I finally found a process that works for me, and I am getting the hang of knitting socks, as well as having gauge tested the yarn to figure out which size of needles would be the best for the project, which I did figure out. Fortunately the same size needles will work for all the sock yarn I have, which will make things a lot easier. 

I love being able to make things for myself and preserving a traditional way of doing things so the art is not lost or forgotten about. There is something about working hard and actually seeing the fruits of my labor when I get the project done. If it doesn’t work out then I try it again a bit differently. 

I am wanting to make several times airs of socks, and use them primarily as boot socks, beings that I love boots and have a hard time finding boot socks that I love, especially for the colder months. I also want to have plenty so I won’t have to hand wash socks as often, beings that hand washing socks and then laying them flat to dry takes longer but is better for the socks.

I definitely am preparing my hand knit stash to be able to enjoy more outdoor adventures in the cooler months, and be able to stay as warm as possible. 

Two of my goals are to do more hiking and camping, especially during the cooler months. I have found that with my current socks, my feet are almost always freezing by the end, and that is part of my mission to make my own warmer socks. I am only knitting simple, plain socks, because my goal is warmeth over fashion. 

I have found that KnitPicks Palette Yarn is amazing Yarn that I want to try for socks and see how well it works. 

Who ticked off Elsa?

Hey Everyone!

This winter has been one for the records as we have had multiple snow/freezing rain/ice events occurring since the beginning of December and they just keep coming and dumping more when they hit. We had one that hit last month that came during the middle of the day and stranded motorists, and kids at school until late at night. 

If we see a snow / ice event here, it hits once, melts off in less than a week and that’s all we get. It seems like the kids have been on winter break for a month, and it has been enough to cancel multiple Sunday’s of church. 

As I am sitting here working, I have the blinds drawn so I can watch it snow while I work. It’s grey out with snow falling. Though it is grey, it is still lighter out than when it is when it is raining.

This is what it looked like as the sun was coming up this morning:

This is what it looked like about an hour later:

All this snow is refueling my desire to go live in SE Alaska, where this is abnormal yearly occurrence, and the whole city/town doesn’t shut down just because it snowed! This is ridiculous. Portland has completely shut down several times because of a little ice and snow. I had dreamed of living in Alaska for several years, and right now I am still in between staying in a commute-able/day trip distance of Portland, or going for it and going to Alaska. Part of my focus for 2017 is to work on figuring that out, as well as career and finding a better job, that will help me further my career. 

Settling Back into a Normal Routine

Hey Everyone!

As I am sitting here at my computer, watching the snow coming down outside my window, I can’t help but think about what I want to accomplish this year. 

This year I want to read more books, go on more adventures, I also want to spend more time blogging and knitting. 

This past week has been pretty busy, with work, knitting, and the orders I had put in at the end of December all arrived. It was like Christmas all over again, getting something every day. I had only put in a couple orders but most of the items came two or three in a package since they were coming from different warehouses is different parts of the country. The last of my orders came today. Today’s package were the little bags and the item stickers for when I make Scentsy samples of the new spring and summer fragrances that will be available march 1st. I am going to be making samples for my customers. 

Here a couple weeks ago I had gotten the entire series of Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman since it was half price and it is set, beginning in 1867 in Colorado Springs, so it is still the era of the Wild West. It also stars Jane Seymour, which typically means it’s a show / movie I will for sure watch and probably like. 

I love books, and reading. It wasn’t always that way, I didn’t really start enjoying books until Middle School. By the time I started college I was well on my way to working on building my own little personal library. College only added to it, as I minored in Literature (while no one in the post graduation world really cares what you minored it, I still have reminders of what I minored in, packed away in a box with the rest of the books I owned prior to college graduation.) while in school. I always love reading a good book, and the days of having a school break so I could stay up all night reading a good book and going to bed when the sun is coming up. I am also thankful that I have a job which allows me to buy new books every so often. I am currently reading Two by Two, which is the newest book by Nicholas Sparks. 

Yesterday afternoon I had gone out and was running errands and I had stopped at Home Depot, which is one of those stores I could spend way too much time in, there and sporting goods stores. I had stopped by to pick up a few moving boxes since my Scentsy warmers had kind of been all over the place and were totally unorganized, so I wanted to organize them and get them all in one place. Other than the warmer that I am currently using, and my diffuser, I was able to get all my warmers, and warmer accessories packed into two medium boxes. While I was at it, and had freed up a couple plastic storage containers, I reorganized my autumn and Christmas decorations as I had crammed them all into one storage container that had gotten too full, so I split them up into their own containers (which will be much easier to deal with when I get my own place). I also filled up another plastic storage container with more kitchen stuff that I have picked up in recent months. Bringing everything from the garage to the second story, organizing it, then taking it back down to the garage was a good workout last night, and my quads are feeling it today. 

Now that the Holidays are over I am finally settling back into a normal routine. I am definitely looking forward to working on my goals for this year. 

2017 Goals

Hey Everyone!

2016 is quickly coming to a close, and I am not sad to see it go. It was a fairly uneventful year that I kind of feel that in some ways that I wasted. 

I am hoping to make 2017 a better year, with more adventures and spend more time at the beach. I really want to spend more time outdoors, exploring and hiking. 

This next year I also want to grow my Scentsy and Perfectly Posh businesses. 

This next year I also want to complete more knitting projects beings that I have a lot of yarn I want to work through and have more cold weather accessories for outdoor adventures in the cold weather. 

I also want to read more books. My goal is to read two of the Nicholas Sparks books I have yet to read, as well as finish rereading Outlander, then read the rest of the Outlander series that is published, then read then read the Game of Thrones series. There is one Outlander book and a couple of Game of Thrones books that are in the works that I will read when they come out. I also have some more of Gail Tsukiyama’s novels coming that I want to read, and at least one new Robin Jones Gunn book to read. So that is 20 published books I hope to read this year.