Into the Woods

Hey Everyone!

The snow had finally melted off last week, in plenty of time for my weekday off. 

After having been stuck at home for the better part of at least two weeks, due to ice and snow. This past Friday I just needed to get out and go somewhere. I had been cooped up too long. I decided to drive down to Silver Falls State Park for something to do. 

I didn’t do a lot of hiking while I was there since I was on my own, and it was around 12:30 pm when I got there. Beings the days are stills pretty short, and it was overcast and drizzling, it wasn’t optimal hiking weather, well at least not for the clothes I was wearing. I will have to go back on a day that is a bit warmer and do more hiking. 

This week especially, I have been working hard on knitting a pair of wool socks for myself. I am working on making enough wool socks that I have a good stash of boot socks for when I go hiking, since I love hiking in the cooler weather the best. I would like to have a decent stash, because I would ultimately love to do more hiking and go on multi – day camping / hiking trips, and have enough hand knit wool boot socks to have a clean pair for every day and not have to wash socks while I am out, unless it is absolutely necessary. 

That is also why I am waiting on my second KnitPicks order to arrive with more of the Palette Yarn that I am working with for Socks. This time I bought more browns and blues, so that I have a variety of colors besides just grey. I had also ordered blocking boards and T pin for projects that have to be washed and blocked. I am excited to finally be getting blocking boards and T pins, for better blocking results than trying to straight pin projects to towels. I am hoping the boards will help projects to dry faster. 

This year, my goal is to spend my free time doing what I love. I want to spend more time reading, going on adventures, knitting, and spending more time on my blogs. I am still trying to figure out a consistent schedule, at least for this blog. My other blogs are dependent on having content to write about, but I definitely want to put more energy into my blogs. 


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