Hey Everyone!

I am really working on getting better at posting more often. Though most days seem boring and mundane. 

This week I am fighting a cold and while I am not as miserable as I have been with other colds, it still is no fun, and I really have no energy. 

I was finally able to get a new external DVD player for my computer after having my previous one wear out several months ago. There are only so many YouTube videos you can watch during a day. It is nice to be able to be back to watching shows like J*A*G, Downton Abbey, I love Lucy and Gilmore Girls. I am currently working on watching the second season of Mercy Street. I also have Indian Summers, most of Lark Rise to Candleford and most of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman to watch once I finish Mercy Street and J*A*G. 

Once I am feeling better I have a whole stack of books to read as well. I have most of the Outlander series left to read, as well as all of the game of thrones books, as well as most of the novels that Gail Tsukiyama wrote.