Getting my Period Drama Fix

Hey Everyone!

Since I got a new external hard drive for my computer, since it does not have an internal one, and my last one wore out a few months ago, I have now been back to binge watching some period dramas. 

Since Downton Abbey ended (and yes, I own all 6 series), I went looking for more period dramas. I have watched both seasons of Mercy Street, I am currently watching Lark Rise to Candleford (which Brenden Coyle aka Mr Bates from Downton Abbey, appears in), I also have Indian Summers to watch. Five Mile Creek is also a go to classic period drama. 

I enjoy period dramas and old tv shows, though they aren’t the only shows I watch. I love the shows that were made from the 1950’s to the early 1970’s. I am fascinated by the styles, architecture, set design/interior design of that period of time and watching how it evolves and changes. I Love Lucy has a very different look from the Brady Bunch. Or how much the Star Trek series have evolved and changed since the original series. 

With the old tv shows, especially if they are set in that era, or in the case of the original Star Trek, they are like being able to get a glimpse into a specific era. That is what fascinates me – getting a glimpse of an era that was really not all that long ago, yet before my time. 


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