Sad to see Grimm ending

Hey Everyone!

Back in the fall of 2011, I was looking for shows to watch. 

This was the period where shows like two broke girls, new girl, person of interest, Hart of Dixie, homeland, once upon a time and Grimm were all debuting their first season. 

Two broke girls, new girl, person of Interest and homeland were shows that were of no interest to me. I didn’t get into Hart of Dixie at the time, but have since watched the entire series. I started out watching Once upon a Time, but to me, it stopped being good, and making much of any sense in the plot continuation after season 2. Grimm, I have watched from the first episode of Season 1. It definitely helped that it has been filmed here in the city I was raised in. 

Now that I have been watching Grimm for 6 seasons it is sad to see it ending. 

Over the past several years, they filmed part of an episode in my neighborhood, and I have also seen Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe) and David Guintoli (Nick) in my goings on around town. It was kind of cool, and a good reminder that they are people too. 


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I have been knitting since I was 10. I love to read, write, knit, listen to music, Travel, and learn about history, especially when it comes to how women got things done around the home up to the mid-1960's.
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2 Responses to Sad to see Grimm ending

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    My folks are big fans and they too are sad to see it end.


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