City Living

Hey Everyone!

I am one who does love small town, but as much as you want something, some dreams aren’t supposed to become a reality, and at this point, small town life my be a happy chapter in my younger days.

Like maybe the reason I have not found a job someplace else is because there is a reason I need to stay in Portland, and that there is a job here for me somewhere. I know, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, it doesn’t make sense to me either, especially since I have spent the last 7 years feeling stuck here, and have not had much success in the job department here.

Some days I can’t imagine staying in the city, other days, there is no other place I would rather place be.

Having food intolerances, and having learned how to manage them while living in the city, would definitely complicate things for living in a small town, as I would constantly be coming to the city to get the Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free baking supplies I have grown accustomed to. Living outside of the metro area, would add the cost of gas to come to the city to go shopping. Over the last few years, I have gotten used to having several Trader Joe’s Stores, as well as New Seasons, Whole Foods, and urban Fred Meyer’s stores all within a 5 mile radius. Not to mention all the yarn and craft stores we have here. We also have my favorite bakery here in the city, as well as several locally owned tea shops and coffee roasters. Starbucks is over rated, especially when you have Dutch Bros, Human Bean, Barista, as well as Stump Town Coffee Roasters. Not to mention the fact that we have Stash Tea, Steven Smith Tea Maker, and the Tao of Tea here in the city as well.

Granted I can find a job, it’s not like I can’t go to beach, whenever I have a free day and want to take off and go. Or going back to where I went to college and seeing the friends I still have there, as it is only an hour an a half away.

Just having the easy access to Gluten Free & Dairy Free food, and having natural grocery stores near by makes living in the city worth it. With that, I would still love to have a large enough backyard to have a garden still.


8 thoughts on “City Living

  1. You can definitely have a backyard garden here in Portland!! Sadly too many of the new houses going up take up the whole standard city lot instead of leaving room for a yard, but little old houses like ours have room 🙂 We live in NE Portland and have a great backyard garden and also incorporate edibles into our flower garden as well – going for the potager style, with artichokes and rhubarb and herbs mixed in, and raised beds for the tomatoes, peppers, onions, carrots, beans, cukes and more. Are you living in an apartment I take it?

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    1. I am living with family at this point, trying to figure out where I am going from here. Portland is definitely a fun place to visit and explore. After having spent most of my life here (with the exception of 4 amazing years in a small town in the middle of farm, wine and hops country), I am ready for a change and more elbow room!


      1. coolness – my parents used to drag me around sellwood when it was just antique stores in the 80’s, my how it’s changed! i grew up in west linn with all my family in north portland (two sides of the world!)

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      2. The Sellwood area has definitely changed even since I went to middle school there (15+ years ago). West Linn and North Portland are definitely two different sides of the coin.


      3. Yeah, it’s fascinating to see what parts of the city nowadays was once just part of the unincorporated county.


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