When Your Cousins are Related

Hey Everyone!

I had gone to one of my cousins bridal shower, Thursday evening. While I knew there were going to be several of my cousins from my dad’s side of the family there. I had one of those “oh duh” moments when some family from my Mom’s side of the family showed up, as they are also related to my cousin that is getting married. My Cousin’s (who is getting married) aunt is also my mom’s first cousin and the bride’s mother is my dad’s first cousin and they had married brothers (hence the title “my cousins are related”) Let’s just put it this way, I have a large extended family, and myself being the 4th generation in the church I was raised in, I am pretty much related to a lot of people. So my Cousins bridal shower was a family bridal shower, Everyone there is related to my second cousin. 

It makes it easy sometimes when everyone is my cousin, until it is time to date. It has meant looking in the branch churches and elsewhere for a decent Christian guy, who shares the beliefs, morals and values that I do. 

By blood or marriage I was related to everyone at my cousins bridal shower even though, for most them it’s not close enough to really matter or change anything. 


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