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Longing for AutumnĀ 

Hey Everyone! Yesterday had been unseasonably cool, and a bit wet at times.  It has been the perfect day to bake cookies, drink tea, warm some Apple S’mores Scentsy cubes in my Scentsy warmer, work on some knitting, and day … Continue reading

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Out of Nowhere Summer Happened

Hey Everyone! If you are not from the PNW, you probably weren’t aware of the 206 day stretch of below 70 we had had, that ended on Tuesday. We had not hit 70 since like October 7th or 8th, and … Continue reading

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Winter Cabin Fever in the City

Hey Everyone! We have had snow on the ground for 7 days straight. Here in this part of the country means the roads are an ice skating rink until it melts off, so the city & schools has been shut … Continue reading

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The Legacy I want to Leave

Hey Everyone! Yesterday, while my best friend and I were out at Oxbow Regional Park. We both loved what we were seeing while out there.  We had gone for a short hike, and while we were there, I couldn’t help … Continue reading

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Going up a mountainĀ 

Hey Everyone!  This afternoon I went for a drive, and decided to go to Mt Saint Helens. Today ended up being a stormy autumn day, and only got stormier the further up I went. While it was good for thinking, … Continue reading

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Hey Everyone! The past few weeks have been crazy! I have neglected you guys lately, and I am sorry about that, I will try to be better about blogging more consistently.  A couple weeks ago it was like a switch … Continue reading

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