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Here comes the Sun

Hey Everyone!

Sitting here, at just after 8:30 pm, it is 78 degrees with 45% humidity. While that isn’t bad compared to the Midwest or East Coast.

I have been to both New York (City and Long Island) as well as Missouri both in the summer months. Even in my late teens and early 20’s, before being so heat sensitive, the heat + humidity combo was rough.

That being said, I have spent a fair amount of time working on my knitting projects. I had finished my pair of Finnley Heather Palette socks.

And I am trying to finish up my Hollyberry Stroll socks.

This past week I also finished up watching the fourth season of The Blacklist. Yes I know I am a season behind, as I am watching them as they come out on DVD. I also finished up the first season of Homefires, which is a British TV show set in the early part of World War Two. It’s fictional storyline centers around one (fictional) town in England and what was going on in England between 1938 and 1940 (Pre Pearl Harbor and the Americans entering the war).

Of late, my favorite shows that are still airing are predominantly British period Dramas. The three shows that are currently airing that I am watching and following are: The Blacklist (with season 6 confirmed), Call the Midwife (Season 8 is filming, and seasons 9 & 10 were ordered along with season 8), and Poldark (season 4 is airing and season 5 is rumored). Anymore, it seems like the Brit’s are consistently coming out with the better TV shows. It seems like once every few years a new American made show comes out and lasts more than a season. In the past 8 years only Grimm and The Blacklist have lasted more than a couple of seasons. There have been a few three season or less shows that were good. These were: Forever, The Mysteries of Laura, Body of Proof and Smash. NCIS and Blue Bloods I watch occasionally, but they aren’t must watch shows for me.


Preparing for Summer Adventures

Hey Everyone!

I hadn’t planned on going for a hike today, or even leaving the house. This afternoon I really was just like “I need to get out of the house and do something, and get some exercise and spend some time in the woods”. Fortunately, “The Woods” can be found in quite a few locations near by, without even having to leave the metropolitan area. I lathered on some mineral based sunblock (more on that topic in a bit), and went hiking.


Once I had come back to the park loop trail from the summit trail, I had decided to take the long way, up and around the mountain to get back to the trailhead I had parked at. This detour added a mile and a half to my hike, which means I hiked a total of 3.37 miles today. That is a lot for me, as I have been away from hiking for a while. Even when I was doing more hiking a couple years ago, today’s hike would have still been a good hike. This hike had kicked my butt, as I have really only started hiking again in the past couple of months. The ascents were what really got me. I am definitely wanting and needing to get out more, and do more hikes and walks.

While I was out hiking, I definitely had the scene from the newer parent trap with Lindsay Lohan where they are hiking up to the lake where they are going camping….Yeah, the first 45 seconds of this clip was the part that kept playing in my head.

While today was a beautiful day, and got up to 68 degrees (Fahrenheit), and was hiking in a wooded area, so you aren’t in the direct sun the whole hike, I still applied sunscreen. I have been trying different brands of mineral based sunscreens to see if there was anything I liked better than the traditional sunscreens (because, chemicals….). Turns out they have have some not so awesome chemicals in them too, and don’t work as well (for me anyway) as the traditional sunblock brands (like Banana Boat, Coppertone, Water Babies (which is by coppertone), and Hawaiian Tropic). The bugs also seemed to be attracted more to something in the mineral based sunblock I used today because they were literally attacking me the whole time, and i have never had that issue with “normal” sunscreens.

With feeling like I was getting burned while on my hike, and the bugs, and just overall not being impressed with the mineral based sunblocks, I stopped at Target on the way home from my hike (since there is literally a Target on my way home from where I went hiking), and I picked up some of the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 55 Sunscreen for my face, and a bottle of Coppertone Sport SPF 70 for the other exposed areas of skin that need sunblock. As a teenager and young adult (while in college), I didn’t care so much about my skin or the potential for skin cancer. I cared a bit more in my mid-twenties, but it wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that  I was like “I better really start taking care of my skin”, and that includes sunscreen. I have seen many women who have spent too much time outside and not used enough (if any) sunblock. Suffice it to say Sunblock and hats are quickly becoming my BFF’s when the sun comes out. Besides the fact that wearing a hat helps to keep the sun out of my eyes.

Other than my adventure today, and quick stop to pick up sunblock that should last me for the next couple of years, depending on how much I go outside, this week, I have spent the majority of working on my new sock pattern. I did go out Monday and Tuesday afternoons to go pick up my mom from Downtown Portland….But it has been primarily a week spent working on knitting and drinking tea.

I found season 7 of Call the Midwife on iTunes, so I bought the season pass, so now each Monday, I get to watch a new episode of my current British Periods Drama obsession. It’s still hard to believe that they have started filming Season 8 of Call the Midwife. From what I have been reading and seeing, Call the Midwife has been renewed for at least a total of 10 seasons, which means at least two more seasons after the one they are currently filming (and three seasons more to watch after I finish season 7). I am pretty excited about that. I am still waiting to see if The Blacklist is renewed for a 6th Season, and if there will a 5th season of Poldark (Season 4 is filming). Good TV shows are hard to come by these  days. Now that Grimm and Downton Abbey have ended, I have been looking for new TV Shows to watch while I knit. At least I found a few show that are still coming out with new seasons to watch.

Let the Adventures Begin!

Hey Everyone!

The bug I had at the end of last week was short lived, fortunately.

The Saje Essential Oils I ordered had arrived on Saturday, and the bottle of DoTerra OnGuard arrived yesterday. I love that the OnGuard is DoTerra’s blend of thieves. Thieves blend has been around for a while, and is based on a 15th century legend, during the bubonic plague.

Today was rather busy, I ran a couple errands, getting ready for some plans I have coming up in about a week and a half.

I also went on a 2.75 mile hike today. It was such a beautiful day, and I have been wanting to go out hiking for ages. I am also trying to break in my new hiking boots. One of the down sides of new hiking boots is blisters. I am hoping with time that my boots will get broken in so that the blisters don’t occur.

Over the course of the last week or so I have also been binge watching Call the Midwife, it is really good. As per usual I am late to the game of the good British TV shows that come across the pond.

It All Started with Downton Abbey

Hey Everyone!

Over the past 3 or so years I have become a huge fan of present day made (made in the last decade or so) period dramas. Most of my favorites are British Period Dramas.

I was late to jumping on the Downton Abbey bandwagon, I didn’t start watching the show until it was in its 5th series, and I started from the beginning, watching them on DVD. I loved how the 6th series of Downton Abbey has come with a bonus disc with the first episode of a couple more shows.

During the Downton Abbey run, I had also watched Mercy Street, an American Period Drama set during the American Civil War in Alexandria, Virginia. From there I watched Indian Summers, which I honestly am not a huge fan of.

From there I started looking up the actors from Downton Abbey to see what other shows they had done. That led me to, Lark Rise to Candleford, which stars Brendan Coyle (Mr Bates on Downton Abbey) at Robert Timmins, the father of the main Character, Laura Timmins.

About half way through the first series of Lark Rise to Candleford, I got watching other shows, some that weren’t Period dramas, others that were. This past month, I have watched the first 3 series of Poldark, series 4 isn’t out yet….as well as the first episode of Home Fires. I have also watched the entire series of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman in the last year.

Like I had mentioned earlier, with the British Period Dramas, I started watching more because I had found out that at least one of the Actors from Downton Abbey was in the show, or I had been able to watch the first episode and enjoyed it and wanted to continue watching the show.

I had seen the first episode of Poldark from the bonus disc that came with my set of the sixth series of Downton Abbey, and then wanted to see what happened do I ordered all three series of it that are currently out. I watched all three series of Poldark while I had let the rest of the first series as well the second through fourth series of Lark Rise to Candleford sit. When I came back to finish watching Lark Rise to Candleford, I realized that the Actress who plays Verity in Poldark is Minnie in show in series 2 – 4. The Actor who portrays Captain Andrew Blamey in Poldark shows up in the fourth series of Lark Rise to Candleford. I was also surprised to see Samantha Bond (Lady Rosamund Painswick in Downton) in one of the episodes of Lark Rise.

At some point after I finish watching Home Fires, and I take a break from Period Dramas for a bit, I want to give Call the Midwife a try and see if I enjoy it at all.

These shows and others have given me something to watch while I work on my various knitting projects.

50 Random Facts

Hey Everyone!

I have been doing this blogging thing for a few years. I started this particular blog back in August of 2014, though I have been blogging on some level since 2011. 

I decided that it was time to do a 100 random facts about me post, for you all to get to know me a little bit better. 

  1. I gave up drinking coffee ☕️ in August of 2014
  2. I love the smell of campfires 🔥  (especially at the beach) 
  3. My favorite place to go is the Beach
  4. My favorite Disney character is Winnie the Pooh
  5. My favorite Disney Princess is Merida
  6. My favorite band / music group is Celtic Thunder (the Original 5 + Neil)
  7. My favorite piece of classical music is Rachmoninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini variation number 18
  8. My favorite film is Somewhere in Time
  9. My favorite color is royal blue
  10. My top travel destination outside of the United States 🇺🇸 is: Scotland 
  11. The state I want to visit the most that I have not visited yet is: Alaska
  12. I like a good cup of tea ☕️ 
  13. I am left handed
  14. In College I majored in Social Science (my focus area was U.S. History)
  15. In college I minored in Literature 
  16. I spent my first 5 terms of college as an early childhood / elementary education major
  17. I love being outdoors 
  18. I enjoy hiking
  19. I was in band in grades 7 – 10
  20. I did choir in 11th grade, as well as several terms while in College
  21. I went to Florida when I was 13 with my family
  22. I attended a Marine Corps boot camp graduation when I was 15
  23. I went to Hawaii when I was 19 with my family
  24. I went to New York on my own when I was 23
  25. I was still an Infant, the first time I went to Canada 🇨🇦 
  26. I love overcast, cool, rainy days
  27. I enjoy knitting
  28. I enjoy reading books
  29. My favorite TV show has been Grimm
  30. I know how to can (aka preservation food in glass jars for later consumption)
  31. The one dairy item I miss the most now that I have to be dairy free is Cheese. Tillamook Cheese 🧀 is the best. 
  32. I enjoy exploring historical sites
  33. My favorite season is autumn 
  34. I love architecture. 
  35. If I am going out to eat, my top choice is typically a Lebanese or Greek restaurant 
  36. I call the Willamette Valley home 
  37. My favorite author is Robin Jones Gunn
  38. My favorite board game is Scrabble 
  39. My favorite animal is the bottle nose dolphin 🐬 
  40. I enjoy watching Period Dramas (Downton Abbey, Lark Rise to Candleford, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, etc)
  41. My favorite musical is the Sound of Music
  42. My favorite flower 🌺 is Plumeria 
  43. My favorite fruit is: Cherries 🍒 
  44. Favorite dessert: the gluten free vegan lemon lavender poppyseed cupcakes from my favorite bakery
  45. I got to see The Phantom of the Opera when the traveling show was here in Portland 
  46. I went to Public School for K – 12
  47. I was the first of my friends to get my drivers license 
  48. Of all the yarns I have worked with, the Todd and Duncan Cashmere was my favorite.
  49. I worked at a knitting studio for a few months
  50. I love exploring old ghost towns

Perfect Day

Hey Everyone!

  You know when you have one of those days where everything going right, and you have an amazing day? Yeah, that was my day yesterday (Friday).

My day started stated off with getting to the bank, getting right in and taken care of, then getting to Fred Meyer before going to the mall to pick up one of my friends. While i was at the mall (the first time) I was able to pick up the entire series of J*A*G, at a decent price. I was super excited about that. My friend and I went for a hike at Scouter’s Mountain. It was an amazing hike.  

 After our hike my friend and I went to red robin and then I took her back to the mall, and I found an amazing park so I ran in ad went to Teavana and got some tea and a tumbler that was on sale. I went to ditch bros and my favorite bakery before going to the grocery store. 

Yesterday felt like a spring day, it was partially cloudy, it got up into the mid to upper 50’s for a high, and wasn’t pouring down rain. 

I love the rain, don’t get me wrong there, but after a record amount of rain in December and a couple of inches above average of rain so far this month, I was definitely feeling Cabin Fever set in. I needed to get outside, and enjoy being outside. In running to the bakery and the grocery store I went out in a tee shirt, a jean skirt and toms after I had pretty much roasted while hiking. I am definitely a cold weather person, when I think that the upper 50’s/almost 60 is tee shirt weather. I would fit right in, in SE Alaska. 

This was my “Normal” week, in like a month. By normal, I mean back to my normal 4 day work week with Friday off. Every week since the week of Christmas my schedule had been different, and it felt good to be back on my normal routine. 

Yesterday was also amazing in part because I was doing what I love, which includes being outdoors as well as building relationships with people on a one on one basis. I am not a big group person. I like people, I enjoy spending time around people, but in small groups that I am comfortable with or on an individual basis. I am an introvert, and do need a certain amount of alone time to recharge. Around some people who I have known my whole life and have more of an active role in my life during that time I am more ” outgoing”, but that has a lot to do with the fact that I have known them for as long as I can remember, and always had had positive interactions with them since I was little. 

  For having to live in the city for the time being, I love that the country is so close, so that I can easily escape the craziness of city life. I had seen these horses, and not even two minutes away were expensive houses, on a hill, in the city. Where my friend and I were hiking was legitimately in the city, and what is still in the heart of the metro area. 

It’s Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I have been spending a nice quiet Christmas knitting and watching Downton Abbey. 

Yesterday I had run errands. Beings we had had our family Christmas this past Sunday, I was able to go Christmas shopping for myself. 

Earlier in the month I had ordered the illustrated Cooks Book of Ingredients for myself. I had received a gift card for REI so I went to REI yesterday and picked up an REI Flash 58 pack, as well as a Steripen and a water bottle. 

I had also gone to Joann Fabric and Craft, where I had bought a couple of Christmas Pot Holders, some ribbon and two skeins of Fishermen’s Wool in Natural. I am planning on using it to make a wrap. 

I have also been thinking about my future and where I want to move. I still am torn between Alaska and Colorado. Both places have great outdoor activities and history. I would love to learn how to snowboard and go hiking, among other things like putting all my hand knit winter accessories to good use on a more regular basis. 

Predictions and Hopes for Season 6 of Downton Abbey

Hey Everyone!

I am super excited for season 6 of Downton Abbey, which should hopefully be coming to the U.S. Early next year. I kind of wanted to do this before it airs in the UK, so that there will hopefully be no spoilers. 

What we know will happen or has happened:

•Carson and Mrs Hughes will get married

•Bates and Anna’s future is still up in the air with the whole death of Mr Green… 

•Edith has Marigold and her parents know Marigold is Edith’s daughter 

•Tom and Sybee leave for Boston

What I would like to see happen:

•Mary get married again to a man who will love George as his own, but has a title/place of his own so he won’t be competition with George for Downton

•Edith will find love again and get married to a man that doesn’t really care that Marigold isn’t his, and will adopt her as his child.

•Daisy will move to the Mason Farm, and take it over and successfully run it.

•Bates and Anna will live a comfortable life, they will take over in Carson and Mrs Hughes roles as head butler and maid and have a family of their own

•Mrs Patmore will still be head cook

•Thomas will be gone (I never liked him anyway)

•Baxter will still be maid to Lady Grantham 

•the other maid and butler will still be maid and butler

•Tony Gillingham is no more 

Excited for the Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

I am starting this blog earlier in the evening, so I can remember to actually write it tonight.

Beings that I finished season 3 of Downton Abbey last night I am holding off to start season 4 until next week. Especially when I have plans tomorrow night, Saturday, and Sunday night. Beings that I have seasons 1 – 5 on DVD I can watch them at my pace, but it is nice to have something to look forward to when I get home.

Last night I completed the first of two baby blankets I am knitting for my cousin and his wife who are expecting their first baby in June. They are waiting to find out the gender of the baby until the baby is born. I completed the turquoise blanket last night and started the Honey Bee yellow sweater while I was watching the season 3 finale of Downton Abbey (where the Crawley’s were in Scotland!!!!!) I have to say that it has to be my favorite episode so far. That might also have something to do with the fact that I think Scotland is amazing, and really want to travel there.

I know I am kind of Downton obsessed right now, and that will die down after I have watched the 5th season, and then I will be patiently waiting for the 6th season to come to the US.

Tonight I am going to watch Divergent, while working on the second baby blanket for my cousin.

I am super stoked for this weekend, and going hiking. The weather should be gorgeous.

It’s Thursday

Hey Everyone!

I am super happy that tomorrow is Friday.

I got home later than usual, because I needed to get a new pair of jeans. I really hate shopping for jeans. I wish there were more stores that carried modest (to the bottom of the knee) jean skirts. I’d wear those anyway over a pair of jeans. I by no means want to be one of the Duggar or Bates girls, but at least they have Jean skirts.

I am making great gains through Downton Abbey. I am loving this show. I am almost done with the second season.

I am so ready for a weekend. I am hoping to get out and go on an adventure. Saturday is supposed to be nice.