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Watching the Opening of British Parliament 

Hey Everyone! My family got back to town safely after going to Canada to see my Aunt and Uncle. They had to take the long way going up and coming back because of the forest fires that caused all the … Continue reading

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50 Random Facts

Hey Everyone! I have been doing this blogging thing for a few years. I started this particular blog back in August of 2014, though I have been blogging on some level since 2011.  I decided that it was time to … Continue reading

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Country Girl Stuck in the City. 

Hi Everyone! This past weekend I went to the mall again, and finally finished my fall and winter clothes shopping. I had also stopped at Bob’s Red Mill. Both of which are becoming a very regular occurrence, though Bob’s Red … Continue reading

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Busy Saturday!

Hey Everyone! Today is one of those days where you stand back and are like “wow, a lot of good things happened today”. It started with the birth of the royal princess. You could say I am one of those … Continue reading

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Watching the Process

Yesterday’s referendum in Scotland has sparking something that I have not seen in a long time, if ever. I have been watching the aftermath unfold, and looking at the results. This is only the beginning, of a long process. While … Continue reading

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Scottish Independence?????????????????

Since I got wind of it in the last few weeks, I have been paying attention to the up coming referendum vote that will be taking place this coming Thursday, September 18th. Those living in Scotland will be deciding whether … Continue reading

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