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Insights into the mind of a Current Beach Bum at Heart.

Hey Everyone!

Today was a very busy day.

Today I went to the beach. I have been wanting to go back to the beach for ages, well pretty much since I got home from my past trip back in March.

It was somehow decided yesterday, that at least my mom would be taking some of her longtime friends from Canada to the coast today, and taking them to the Tillamook Creamery (aka the Tillamook Cheese Factory). The cheese factory has been in the process of being remodeled over the course of the past year or two, and it finally reopened a couple weeks ago. It was crazy busy there today, which was good for business and for the community. I fell in love with Tillamook County a fews years ago. I love the smaller coastal towns that look a lot like they did when my mom was a kid. With the decline of fishing and logging being the primary year round employers many of these communities are relying more and more on tourism. With the summer tourist season as well as those who come out in the winter for storm watching, tourism is a big deal.

In more recent years I have opted away from the larger towns and small cities, opting for the smaller towns that really are struggling more. These larger towns are trying to hard to be more like California beach towns or Coney Island. Many of these towns are becoming rather yuppie, catering to a demographic with more money. These smaller towns are still such that your average person fits it. There are way more mom and pop shops that I love to support. Some towns have farmers markets on the weekends, have train rides that are pulled by a steam locomotive and so much more besides spending so much time on the beach. They still feel like they have that slower pace of life, where you can slow down, relax and drink a cup of coffee or tea on the porch on a summer morning while watching and listening to the ocean. Later that day after wandering around the cute little shops, grabbing food at one of the local restaurants, gotten ice cream for dessert its time to hit the beach before roasting hotdogs over a fire. That evening as the sun is going down, there is nothing like going for a walk, banking up the fire, roasting marshmallows to make s’mores while the sun sinks lower and lower into the ocean until it finally dips into the ocean. Then it’s time to fully extinguish the fire (with water) and head to bed to start it all over again in the morning.

Today was raised be of those perfect beach days. It was cool and overcast all day, it drizzled a little bit but it really didn’t rain on our parade. The most rain we saw was when we were driving back over the mountains this evening. We were there long enough that we beat the rush hour traffic coming back.

It wasn’t super cold either. It was cool enough but there was a little warmth in the air. Enough to definitely warrant putting on sunblock. I will find out in the morning if I really do have a slight sunburn or not, because I didn’t reapply sunblock while I was out, before going down on the beach. I am hoping I just feel a little warm from being outside much of the day.

I really like what they did with the cheese factory, while it was super busy and I really didn’t get to go at a slower speed to take it all in, one of the biggest take away from today was the fact that they hung signs in where they actually make the cheese about what is going on where and they have better displays explaining the cheese making process.


When the Power of the Ocean is Underestimated

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, the unfortunate has occurred yet again.

A young man had gone boogie boarding in the ocean and got swept out. His father had gone out after him, and died. While the young man hasn’t been recovered, and is presumed dead.

Every year there are at least half a dozen reports of people goin swimming off the Oregon Coast and having the coast guard called out for an ocean rescue.

I know it looks inviting and like a fun swim, but looks can be deceiving. It’s safe enough to go wading and walk along the waters edge. There are warning signs on all the coastal state parks as well as other places along the coast warning about the dangers of Rip currents and the other dangers of going out in the Ocean.

I wish more people would head the posted warnings. It would save lives.

Between Rip Currents and sneaker waves, among other things you have to have a healthy respect for the ocean. The beach, along the Oregon Coast, is one of my favorite places to go, and it can be a lot of fun. You just have to be sensible. I would advise against going for a swim, and you shouldn’t turn your back on the ocean while wading along the waters edge. I have never seen a sneaker wave in person, but they are a real thing here along the Oregon Coast.

Weekend Beach Trip

Hey Everyone!

This weekend, I spent it at the beach, attending a ladies retreat.

Friday, I got on the road about 11:00 in the morning. I started off my adventure by going to Astoria, and going to Fort Clatsop.

This is the second replica of the fort that the Lewis and Clark expedition has built and spent the winter of 1805 – 1806 in. The first replica burned down a few years ago.

The weather was decent, it was overcast and cool, but not raining.

I stopped in Rockaway Beach to go down on the beach for a bit before running into Tillamook to go to the grocery store, before returning to Rockaway Beach for the retreat.

Saturday was a great day, I had some great conversations with several of the ladies as well as going on a couple of walks. The first one I had gone on, on my own. I went from the beach house to the center to town (about a mile), and journaled with an ocean view before going back to the house. In the afternoon, a few of the ladies and I went up to my favorite spot, where we walked in the beach for a while. It was really nice.

I have been going to the beach since I was a baby. I have loved the beach ever since then. It is one of the few places I love to be and never get tired of. I have grown up with a healthy respect for the ocean and its power. I love the sound of the waves crashing, and the feel of the water on my feet, and the sand between my toes.

Last Time going to the Beach….

Hey Everyone!

I have been trying to write a blog post a day on this blog, yesterday it just didn’t happen.

The eventful things that happened yesterday were getting my Clinique order in the mail and finishing up a pair of socks.

Today was a busy day, it started out by getting up earlier than normal and getting out of the house early (for me anyway), so I could get gas in my car, stop at Cost Plus World Market to look for stocking stuffers, and then stop at target to pick up a couple items before I left town for a few hours.

I had been paying attention to the weather forecasts for a few days and they were calling for some nice days, with sunny skies and comfortable (for this time of year) temperatures. I have been itching to go to the beach for a while. I have missed it so much, and the past couple years I had gone a good half a dozen or more times each year, so the three times I had gone this year just wasn’t cutting it. Beings the weather was supposed to be perfect at the beach today (and it was), I went. I had also wanted to go one last time while I am in my 20’s. Once this month is over, I will no longer be in my 20’s. I realize the beach won’t change that much between this past summer and this next summer, but I will be in a new decade of my life, and want to close out this decade by doing stuff I enjoy doing.

After I got home, I got things put away, I showered, got some dinner, and then successfully started my latest pair of socks. That’s a story for a post on my Knitting blog. So now I am back to working on another pair of socks.

Always been Outdoorsy

Hey Everyone!

Today was a perfect day at the beach! It was sunny, windy, but not super cold, and the wind kept it from being too hot. It would have been a perfect day for this using solar and wind energy. 

My allergies were so much better at the beach, as was my comfort level. I was running around without a jacket and perfectly comfortable. 

I have always loved the beach and ocean. It has always felt more like home than the city. 

I have always felt better at the beach, between the fresh salty sea air, being outdoors a lot. Unless it’s raining, whenever I have stayed at the beach, I have spent more time outside than inside. 

Preferring to be outdoors, even when not at the beach is something I  have loved. Many of my favorite memories have included being outdoors. Whether it was ice fishing for lingcod in Canada in the winter, or hiking in the woods, or exploring an old left to ruins Fort, or being at the beach or sitting around a campfire on a summer evening (which is made better at the beach), or just being outside on a summer evening. 

It’s typically the blustery, cold, wet days that I prefer being indoors cooking, baking, knitting, curled up with a good book. 

The beach is my preference, the one place I love out of everywhere I have been, it is the one place I am truly a happy camper. 

I am my Grandmother’s Granddaughter 

Hey Everyone!

Somethings are genetic, others are factors that come into play from how we were raised and what we were exposed to from a young age. 

As I am getting older, I have been realizing how much I am like my maternal grandmother. Granted she was the grandparent I spent the most time with. She lived in the same city as I did growing up, so she helped raise my brother and I. She was also the grandparent I had in my life the longest (she passed away when I was 22). So it’s only natural that some things were passed on to me, from her, by having been able to spend so much time with her. 

Other things, like the fact that my body doesn’t handle heat all that well can’t be learned. At least I know where I get it from. Not that I mind. I am definitely more of a fall and winter person anyway. 

Things I learned from my grandmother: That the beach is amazing, and that it never gets old, no matter how often I get to go to the beach. She also taught me how to knit. 

She also happened to be my birthday celebration buddy. Our birthdays were only 2 days apart, so we often celebrated together. I was born 2 days before her 69th birthday. 

I am glad that I was blessed to have her as my grandmother. She was always there for me. Even though I tend to be miserable in the summer from the heat, It reminds me of her. Air Conditioning and the fact that I know Autumn is coming are the the two things that get me through summer. 

Over Night Beach Trip with the Bestie 

Hey Everyone!

This past Sunday and Monday I spent at the beach with my best friend and her family. I kinda crashed her family’s beach trip, but they were all cool with it. I got to spend time with the babies (22 month old twins, their 6 month old little brother and 4 month old little cousin). 

Sunday, my best friend and I went to church at the church we attended in college (we have known each other our whole lives, then went to colleges about 20ish miles away from each other), before heading over then up the coastline to Tillamook. We stopped there so I could buy food, and we could get jerky at the Tillamook County Smoker. Tillamook is known for its cheese, ice cream, yogurt and butter, so the males are then used to make jerky and other tasty goodies. I love Tillamook jerky. It’s the best (so is the cheese and other dairy products, I just haven’t been able to eat for the last few years). 

Upon arriving at the beach house, we changed, played with babies, had dinner, went to the beach, went back to the house for dessert before going to town for Matches. Then went back to the beach to watch the sunset and get kindling for our camp fire. We had a campfire, where we made s’mores, had tea and talked until almost midnight. 

Monday, she got up first, and had gone down on the beach. I got up a little later, showered, went down on the beach for a little bit, went back to the house, held babies, and we had breakfast. More time was spent with the littles (4 under the age of 2), helping get them ready for the day, and getting the littlest dude down for a nap. 

After all that my best friend and I took a drive up to Cannon Beach, and wandered around, I bought yarn. We got lunch at Mo’s, before going to the antique store in Wheeler, before I had to head home since I had to work on Tuesday. 

The past few days have been a little rough since I have been missing the beach, and waking up at the beach and having campfires.  

I have always loved the beach. Though the past couple years it has really gotten in my blood, and from about March to September I feel like I practically live there, from how often I go. Many times I wish I could finds job there (or have a job that would send me there), and move there. 

A couple summers ago I fell in love with the area where my best friend’s family vacations each summer (I had crashed that vacation for a day that year as well, and had taken the twins and littlest dude’s mom with me, who was less than a month away from having the twins). That was the summer I first heard Rend Collective’s music. 

Friends and a concert 

Hey Everyone!
I just wanted to give you all a little update.
Friday my best friend and I went to the beach and to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We also walked through the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse before going down on the beach for a while before coming home. It was a great day with my best friend.
Saturday I got together with my ItWorks Upline and one of my teammates who is also enrolled with the same Upline. We have become friends. We went and got coffee (or in my case a passion tea lemonade), then went for a nature walk. That afternoon my Upline and I took her girls to the river for a while just to relax for a bit, beings that it was a perfect day. 
Sunday was a full day of church, and yesterday (Monday) was the concert. Sunday morning I helped my friend who has three boys under 2 (a set of twins and a 5 month old). Last night she brought her youngest who I got to hold through most of the concert. Poor baby though, I had finally got him to sleep then Marche Slav and the Battle Hymn of the Republic kept startling him. So I had one ear against me, and put a hand over his other ear and that seemed to help muffle the sound and he slept through most of it. 
My friend had also brought me some samples which are amazing, she and I are both doing DS for different companies so it is fun to give each other samples, and try each other’s products. 


Hey Everyone! 

How are you all doing? 

I am doing pretty well. Today I had taken some food that I had made over to my friends who had a baby last week. While I was there they let me hold their baby girl, who is darling and tiny. 

While I was out, I decided to run to the beach for a bit. On the drive I had a lot going through my mind, which included whether I would ever find a job where I was working with Oregon and American West History and sharing it with today’s kids and making it interesting and tangible for them. Ever since I went to Barkerville as a kid, I have been fascinated by ghost towns and the frontier life (i.e. Laura Ingalls Wilder). Though it was not until college when I really began to understand history and why I loved it so much. How it was presented was different. I was also at an age where I could go out and explore what remained of some of what I had previously read about. In my K – 12 education the history I got was out of a biased textbook that only presented one interpretation of the events. It was also a lot of names and dates that I, to this day do not remember most of. In college, we were taught and shown different interpretations of the same facts, and sent to make conclusions based on the evidence was given. While we did have names and dates we also read and learned about what was going on socially, culturally, religiously, and that while the wars were going on, there were real people living their everyday lives, that the textbooks make no mention of. I can only speak for myself, but being someplace like Barkerville or Fort Stevens or Fort Columbia, made history real for me, because real people who were really no different than you or I had spent time living there, and working there. They played their part in history, they all had names, personalities, parents, siblings, many had spouses and kids. Not everyone is going to be a Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Laura Ingalls Wilder or Margaret Thatcher, but we all have a story. Many of us lead ordinary lives, that won’t make the history books, but we all have been impacted by the “historical events” that take place during our lifetime. For me (so far) that has included 9/11 and the Iraq War. 

How I got off on a History Tangent when my original train of thought was more along the lines of Old long gone logging towns that are a part of Oregon’s History and how I would love to see one rebuilt or restored for the purpose of education and to make that part of history come to life. I was also thinking about if I would ever be able to use my degree, love of and passion for the history of the American West in a career. That is part of why I have been keeping my adventures blog, and started a YouTube channel to document my adventures and the history I interact with. 

It is always good to have goals and something to work toward. 

Crazy busy month

Hey Everyone! 

The past month has been crazy. I haven’t had my normal weekly schedule in over a month. The weeks of Christmas and New Years I had short work weeks, then last week I switched days off so I could go to a family funeral and this week I took off yesterday and went to the beach for the day. 

Last night one of my friends had her baby. She now has 16 month old twin boys and a newborn infant son. I am excited for her and know she will have her hands full with 3 boys so close in age. I have been friends with her youngest sister pretty much my whole life, but didn’t start getting to get to know her better until a couple summers ago (when she was pregnant with the twins). 

The past month and a half really has been busy and I am hoping to get back into my “normal schedule” again soon. I don’t mind being busy, I just kinda miss the consistency.