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When you Realize that no matter how hard you try, you aren’t where you Belong.

Hey Everyone!

I mentioned it in my last post, that I had an interview on Tuesday, and that I would hear back either way. Well, it’s Friday, and normal business hours have come and gone, yet I still haven’t heard anything. I knew walking out I wouldn’t hear anything. Of all the jobs I have interviewed for, all but one of the job offers I have had came in person, at the end of an interview. So of the 57 Interviews I have had in the past eight years, of the ones where the job offer wasn’t extended at the interview, only one has ever called me. 1 out of roughly 50 where I walked out without a job offer in hand, extended an offer.

In college I didn’t want to move back to the city, but I had to, because we were still in the midst of the recession and there isn’t much in the way of industry to find a job that you can live on in a small town like that, so I (not so willingly) came back to my parents house, in the city.

Over the past eight years, I have pages upon pages worth of documenting all the resumes I have submitted, and applications I have filled out. Out of the several hundred applications and resumes I have submitted, and 57 interviews I have gone on, the best job I have had was a temp job lasting about two and a half years. It also didn’t pay a living wage.

I am the kind of person who likes to work hard, I don’t need much, I just want to live a simple life where I can make ends meet and not hate what I am doing or where I am at.

The biggest reasons I didn’t want to move to the city, and I want to move still, is that I loved having my own space while I was in college. While I am trying to make the best of it while I am here, I am not a fan of the city life, all the people, the traffic, always being on the go, yet every activity costs money to go do, housing has gotten so expensive, yards are getting smaller.

I have been trying to find a way out, but have yet to find it.

I realize this post is rather pessimistic, that is where I am at right now. I am just trying to understand and figure out what I am supposed to be doing with my life, since getting paid to do what I love doing (Homemaking and Knitting) seems pretty unrealistic at this point in time.

I usually try to keep my post more up beat and positive. Today I am just frustrated and a bit pessimistic. I was told at the interview I had Tuesday that either way I would hear back by today at the latest. It’s now almost 7:00 pm and I have heard absolutely nothing. No phone call or email. There used to be a time when someone’s word meant something. Anymore, I learned the hard way, that you really cannot take anyone at their word. Anyone who you can take at their word is very rare.


This is a Homemakers Summer

Hey Everyone!

The summer heatwave is still raging in full force. With that heat and in some areas strong wind, the wildfires that are burning, are continuing to burn hot and fast.

I have some friends who live in Redding, and have evacuated where they live due to the Carr fire. They have left town for a long weekend, taking their important documents and a few personal possessions. They don’t know what they will find when they go back, or it they will still have a home. Out here in the west we have wildfire season and we have the occasional earthquake. Most areas around here, are in summer burn ban mode with the exception of those camping in one of the campgrounds along the coast, but even there they are restricted. This summer has been so hot and dry.

Beings that it has been so dry, I have taken to watering the garden regularly. There has been a lull in the amount of raspberries I have been getting the past couple of weeks. Today I finally got a pint of berries, which I am hoping is a sign that the second crop is coming on.

Today I also baked three loaves of zucchini bread. One chocolate and two regular.

My mom had gotten a large zucchini squash from one of her coworkers, so I made zucchini bread with it. That one zucchini made all three loaves.

Over the past few days, I have been keeping an eye on the tomatoes that are growing in the garden. There are finally tomatoes on the vines and a few of them are huge for cherry tomatoes. They just need to ripen up.

I also finished up this pair of socks this week.

I got them washed and blocked today. I washed and blocked today, beings that it is still hot outside.

I am working on getting as many pairs of socks knit up this summer, and get them washed and blocked while the weather is warm to hot.

On the Go day after day

Hey Everyone!

Since Thanksgiving, life has been going non stop. 3 weeks of full on, full force going and doing. The past three weeks have flown by.

Yesterday I had another interview, which I thought went well, but I have to wait and see a bit to find out if I got it.

After my interview I had gone for a little drive to clear my mind a bit. Afterward I ran a couple errands. I had stopped at Bob’s red mill, picked up a couple baking mixes, before stopping at the grocery store to pick up my brother’s Christmas present and a few other items.

I had work this morning. I even slept for a few hours since I got home, but I am still exhausted.

I had one of my orders of yarn arrive this morning while I was asleep, so I opened it up this afternoon.

The darker yarn is a worsted weight yarn, that has more yards per hank, while the off white / cream colored yarn is a bulky yarn that has fewer yards per hank (hence more hanks).

I have been enjoying being able to work on different knitting projects. I have a lot of yarn and so many ideas of what I want to make with it all. I am still working on socks, but I am also in a shawl mode as well.

As I sit here writing this, I have a batch of gluten free dairy free brownies in the over and it is overcast outside.

Helping Kids with Crafts

Hey Everyone!

A couple days back, a friend of mine had asked me if I would help with crafts during dress rehearsal for the Christmas pageant that is coming up next week. I agreed to help her.

So, this morning I went over and helped kids make crafts. There were three groups of kids, who were rotating through stations (dress rehearsal, crafts & games, and brunch). It was interesting to see the kids come through, and who needed help and direction on crafts and who did their own thing.

One of the crafts that was available for the kids to work on, was making wreaths using canning lid rings and wrapping them with ribbon then decorating them. By the time the third group was there, there was plenty of craft supplies left so I made a wreath myself. This is how mine turned out:


This afternoon I also had run a couple errands, you know, boring adult life.

That’s a Wrap

Hey Everyone!

My first week at my new job is over. It feels like it flew by. Then again I feel like I slept through most of it. Then again I kind of was. If I wasn’t at work, or eating food I pretty much was sleeping.

At some point this afternoon I should take a nap. Beings that I don’t have to be getting up at 1:30 in the morning, I can attempt to get a regular night of sleep.

Besides being a bit tired, and knowing that I did work this week, the other way I know I did is because I am kind of sore. I took an Aleve this morning before I left.

This week I have driven to work in the early hours of the morning when it was dark, to get off work and come home during the morning rush hour. Getting glimpses of the freeway made me glad I was taking the cross country route on surface streets.

After the first couple of days this week, it has really been fall like, which I have been loving. I have been longing for the cool mornings, and cooler afternoons that are still warm enough to going outside without a jacket but cool enough so that I am not roasting. I have noticed that some of the trees are starting to turn.

As I get more used to my work schedule and figure out the sleep schedule that works best, I am hoping to be able to get some more knitting done that I have this week. One episode of the blacklist and a couple short Vlogs on YouTube and I am done.

For the first week of working a new job, especially with hours I am not used to, this week went really well, and I am not dreading Monday.

Learning to live a simpler lifestyle

Hey Everyone!

Lately I have been rather overwhelmed with the constant bombardment of the media and our society propagating the mentality that we need the latest & greatest / biggest & best / needing more all of the time. 

I have noticed it more so living here in the city. 

I’m not saying that having a few nice  / quality things is bad, especially if you work hard to obtain them, and intend for them to last as long as possible. 

I know, since having been back in the city especially it has been a struggle for me, and that I have fallen into the trap of wanting more and new things when what I have works just fine. 

In the last few months, I have really been feeling that living in the city, where the fast paced, “give me what I want, and give it to me now” lifestyle is the norm. 

I miss having to drive more than ten miles to the nearest craft store, and the closest “normal” mall was an hour and half away, where I didn’t do much clothes shopping and wore what I have in my closet. 

I would much rather spend my time tending a garden or canning fresh picked local fruit, or cooking or baking or sitting on the porch or around the campfire working on my knitting, or reading a good book, and falling asleep at the end of the day after having worked hard that day. 

I have definitely noticed lately, that I have a hard time sleeping lately because I am not tired enough. 

I am really trying to learn from history, particularly the pioneers & early settlers of this area as well as from those who lived through the depression. Where you lived more off the land and worked hard for what you have, and when something breaks you fix it. Being able to make what you need, is a skill that has been lost. Being a city girl, it seems like most of the young women I grew up with (who also grew up in the city) really don’t know how to cook and bake from scratch, and are not inclined to. Their version of cooking & baking is opening a box and minimal steps, or better yet having someone else do it for them. 

As I get older, the more I want to live a life that is more about living life to the fullest, the experiences one can having, and doing for myself rather than relying on others to provide it for me (self-sufficiency). I have come to realize that I want to live somewhere with crappy to no cell service, and not have a cell phone, have basic internet (so I can still blog, watch the occasional YouTube video, be able to access email, be able to order Yarn and Perfectly Posh when I need to, as well as my dairy free & gluten free staples), a land line phone and maybe basic cable, to get the local news stations. I would love to garden, growing as much of my own fruits and vegetables as I can, and buying from local sources what is not feasible to grow on the small scale, but want to get to can or make jam/jelly then freeze/can. 

I am already so blessed to have what I have, and know how to do what I know how to do. 

While I am still looking for a pair of hiking boots that fit better than the pair I have, I don’t need 10 pairs of original toms plus numerous pairs of vans. I don’t need a ton of dress shoes. If I have the opportunity to live where I want to live, I could use a pair of good winter boots, a pair of wellies, a good fitting pair of hiking books, and I would be set until the shoes I have wear out. 

If I have the chance to live where I want to live, some work clothes that can get dirty, and can handle wear and tear would be a must, but for now I am set with normal clothes. 

Life Update

Hey Everyone!

I haven’t really talked about what I was doing for work on this blog, mostly because I didn’t really want to talk about it, and really didn’t feel that it was appropriate at the time to talk about what I was doing. From mid – November 2014 until recently I had been working for one of the local phone/internet companies as a contractor, where my title was Engineering Assistant. I was hired to help with a big project that they had going and needed help with. Now that it is wrapping up, they didn’t need as much help with it, so I am now looking for a new job.

This job had given me about 2.33 years of work experience at the same job, which is a huge deal for anyone my position, who graduated from college during the recession who had also struggled to get work experience. Each of the jobs I have held have been learning experiences, in who I am, and what I am supposed to be doing career wise with my life. While I don’t see myself having a career as an engineer or with the phone company, I don’t regret having taken this job, nor do I see it as a mistake or a bad career move. Like I previously stated, it gave me more than two years of work experience at the same job, It also gave me an income during that time, during which I was able to make some progress in paying off my student debt. It also allowed me to work on growing my personal library. I have purchased plenty of books during the past two years. It also allowed me to buy yarn, in which I have and will be able to knit up into some amazing items. It also allowed me to pay for some weekend adventures, which have been a blast.

In the course of the adventures I have been on, and being able to really get out and see more of the city I live it, and experience it, I have learned a lot about who I am and the direction my life is going in. I love this part of the country. This is my home.

I have had the opportunity to go on more hikes, and spend more time at the beach, and that has been amazing. I love hiking, it is one of those things that I will keep doing for as long as I am able to.

Over the past couple months I have been stocking up on Sock Yarn, so I can knit myself socks that are sturdier, warmer, and of a better quality than store bought socks for Hiking socks. I am all about doing as much DIY stuff as possible, and I love making hand knit goods for myself that are not only pretty, but also functional and useful to my lifestyle. I definitely love being outdoors, exploring the are around me.

My love of History, especially that of Women’s roles, and what women did throughout history, has been a passion of mine that has been thriving. Between knitting, and learning more about homemaking, cooking & baking healthy dairy free, gluten free, egg free food.

This winter was hard, normally I love winter, and I love the rainy, grey days. This winter I have been in a funk, largely due to stress. Now that we have had a few nice, semi warm (like 58 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit) and at least partly sunny, so that has helped me get out of the funk. I am doing fine now, with some sleep and a nice day.

Today, I have been working on a pair of socks I am working on, I also got a load of laundry done, as well as relaxing which is really important right now. Burn Out and negative stress are not healthy, and I am working to get back to a good place when it comes to the stress thing. I also got my resume updated, so come Monday, I can hit the ground running to find a new job as quickly as possible.

Every Weekend there is an Adventure

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all having a good week! My week has been going well enough, nothing earth shattering has happened, which is good. I only have tomorrow and then I am off for three days. I am super excited for Friday. I have been going on a lot of adventures in the past few weeks which have been amazing. I have really been enjoying getting out of the house and going and doing stuff. I don’t got to the beach every weekend. (I have been 6 times in about 3.5 months, you do the math).

This weekend I will likely be sticking around town, just because I have been gone a lot. I do have plans for an adventure on Friday. I will leave you all in suspense about what my upcoming adventure entails, until after I have gone on aforementioned adventure. All I have to say is that it is going to be a lot of fun.

This year will be the best year for adventures. While I know that going to Hawaii (week leading up to and including Memorial Day 2007) and New York (week centering around the 4th of July Weekend) are pretty amazing, being able to take off and go where I want on my day off is liberating and amazing.

Today I was also thinking about that this coming Friday will be 5 years since I graduated from University. A lot has happened in the past 5 years, I how grown up and changed a fair amount in that time. It hasn’t been easy, but it has made me a stronger person.

The Pacific Northwest is an amazing place to go on adventures, though I am ready to settle down and finally have a home of my own. Adventures are fun, and are keeping me busy until I can find the job that I can support myself on, in a place I want to settle down.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Hey Everyone!

Upon watching Ellie and Jared’s one year of daily vlogging video, Jared had used that quote at the beginning, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

If I weren’t afraid of not being able to support myself, I would move to SE Alaska in a heartbeat, where I would continue blogging, and would be writing about how living in Alaska was new and different, and what I was learning about the culture, and working to fit in where I was living.

Scotland was the original dream, though through research, the easiest and most logical way to legally move there would be to marry a man who has British Nationality. It could happen, but it is not likely.

I am fully aware that moving anywhere is a difficult transition, but with the right attitude it can totally be done.

I would love to work at a retreat center that is built in a manner that is traditional to where it is located, and is cohesive with the land around it. Living in Alaska is a beautifully rugged state that isn’t for the faint of heart. The landscape is awe inspiring, and making that a large part of the retreat center and keeping with the history of the area is hugely important to me. Living in a cool, coastal climate where it rarely (if ever) gets above 75 degrees is also something that is appealing to me. I don’t like the heat, I love knitting warm accessories for myself, and would love more opportunities to use them. They are no good to me sitting in plastic tubs, I would much prefer to make use of them on a regular basis.

I am also one of these people who would make it work. If and when I move up there, moving back down south isn’t an option. Alaska, like many other things in my life, I would prove people and statistics wrong about. I have seen reports that most people that move to Alaska don’t last more than 5 years, while there are some who actually do. I intend to be one of those who actually lives there for the rest of my life, given the opportunity to move there in the first place.

Due to the fact that moving to Alaska in in my 5 year plan, I am trying to as much stuff down here in the lower forty eight that I have on my bucket list that I can, so that I will be taking advantage of as many opportunities as I can.

Over the last few years, while big city life has had a few advantages, the frustrations and disadvantages have been ever present and on the rise since I graduated from college 5 years ago. While there are still areas of small town life that amaze me, they remind me that living in the big city, for me is more than overrated.

My first choice of places to live, in Alaska is Ketchikan, and that is the goal that I am working toward, My plan B, is Juneau. I prefer the smaller town, in the middle of nowhere, way of life, but at the same time I do understand that i have food intolerances (and while making trips to Juneau to do stock up trips on certain items is totally doable), living in Juneau might be a bit less of a struggle, in terms of food availability. I know if all else fails that ordering online is also an option (which I would be doing anyway for my gluten free stuff from Bob’s Red Mill).

I would love to pack up, and taking my blog, my knitting, and my love for the great outdoors to Alaska, I am looking for, waiting on, and praying about the financial means to take me there and support myself on.

… And Its only Friday

Hey Everyone!

I feel like I have done more in the last 48 hours than I do in most weeks. I went to work for 8 hours, then I got off, got ready to go, drove downtown, met up with one of my friends where we then had dinner, walked around for a bit and then went to go see the Phantom of the Opera at the Keller Auditorium.

Seeing the Phantom of the Opera (while not on Broadway in NYC), was absolutely amazing. Between the Costumes, the sets, the performances, it was fantastic. I am so glad that I got to go. It is hard to explain how good it was, It is one of those shows that has to be experienced, and seen in person. From the opening notes to the final curtain I was into the show. There is something about seeing a musical on stage vs seeing the movie/dvd of a performance/watching some of it on YouTube. The Emotion that the actors and actresses put into their stage performances can totally be felt by those watching.

This morning I got up, got out, ran a couple errands and went for a hike with one of my friends, and her dogs. The hike in and of itself was only about 2.8 miles, and it was amazing. I can totally tell that I am slowly starting to get into shape. It is a slow but steady process. I love hiking and being outdoors. It is one of the biggest stress relievers for me.

After I went on the hike with my friend, I went shopping. I went to Joann Fabric and Craft, and used 7 coupons that I had. I bought some yarn for myself, as well as some yarn for world vision Knit for Kids Sweaters. I was super stocked to be getting such good deals on yarn that I will use.

I also stopped at Happy Knits, which is a local yarn store (I couldn’t stop at just one yarn store) where I purchased some Alpaca/Merino Wool. Now I just have to figure out what pattern I am going to use while knitting it up. Fortunately I still have two projects that I currently am working on so I have some time to figure out what I am going to do.

After the fun yarn shopping I did some grocery shopping. I went to both New Seasons and Safeway for my grocery shopping.

After I finally got home, and got my groceries put away I made Banana Coconut Muffins.

As you can see I have been pretty busy for the last 48 hours, and the pst 27 hours have been really enjoyable and amazing.