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Hey Everyone!

This past weekend was pretty busy.

Friday Night I had gone “Home” for Pizza night at church, and Sunday I went back down for church.

I am actually excited for March to be here. While I am not wishing my life away, I just have some plans in the works that I am excited about.

I am also ready for the days to be a little bit warmer (like 58 – 62 degrees Fahrenheit would be perfect), so I can get back outside and do some more exploring and adventures.

I have known that Portland isn’t for me, for years. I am ready to move on, find a job some place new and have some new adventures and experiences.

While I am still figuring out where it is I am headed, and while I am still in this part of the State / country, I am wanting to go on a few more adventures here while I still have the chance.

Between having been sick, and the weather not being super conducive to outdoor adventures, I have been working on my knitting projects. I have a couple triangle shawls in the works as well as always having some socks going. The latest pair of socks I am working on, I decided to break out one of the pretty colors of yarn to work with.

While I am further along on this sock than I was when I took this picture, this is the color I am working with.

Last week I did go out on a mini adventure to just get out of the house for a little bit and out of the city limits. I stopped by an old Pioneer Church and rustic / historic cabin (both are on the same property). I enjoy going out on this drive. I love that the country is so close, and not that far of a drive to get to.


Autumn in Portland

Hey Everyone!

I had this morning off, so I could sleep at night like a normal person. Beings that I woke up at a normal time for me, I had the energy to go for a walk this afternoon.

Looking for a full time job here that is a good fit for me, has been a challenge. It has made me really think about what I am good at, what I am passionate about, and how I want to spend my career.

I have spent the better part of 7.5 years not using my degree, bouncing around doing different jobs in different industries, yet have had one that was close to being a good fit.

I am definitely wanting to spend more time doing Homemaking stuff and outdoorsy stuff. What would be even better would be modern Homesteading (aka living on a farm, that has electricity and at least a septic system), with a great view. Then I could do the Homemaking and outdoorsy stuff and not have to choose.

Busy Tuesday

Hey Everyone!

This morning I worked my normal shift at work, then afterwards the crazy busyness ensued. Afterward, I came home got food, showered and got ready for an interview (for a second job), and went to said interview.

My day really didn’t end there, I also had some errands to run. By the time I got done running around town, dealing with things like going to the bank, getting bills paid, and a couple fun errands like picking up some Christmas decorations since I could get them with my employee discount, and got new earrings that I can just leave in and not have to take out to shower or sleep, it was a busy day.

By the time I got home and got food, and went to bed for the day, it was a little after 2 pm.

Now I am up again and need to start getting ready for work again.

I should hopefully hear back on the second job by the end of the week.

That is one thing I never really missed about the city while I lived in a small town, how busy running around town a day could be. I really didn’t miss the hustle and bustle of the city. Sometimes even now that I have been back for years it still is overwhelming.

It Feels Like we have Turned the Corner on Summer

Hey Everyone!

A few short days ago it felt like summer would never end. It now feels like we have turned the corner from summer to Autumn. In the 10 day forecast there are only two days in the 80’s, all the other days are forecasted to be in the upper 60’s to mid 70’s, which should hopefully help with the wildfires burning in the area.

Today was in the mid 70’s, the skies were overcast and it was a bit humid, but other wise was fine. The winds were also calmer, which helped slow the spread of the Eagle Creek Fire. They are saying that the fire won’t be fully contained until sometime in October.

This morning I finished up a pair of socks, which I have been working on for a while, because I have been busy.

I also started another pair of socks. I have enough of the Wonderland Heather left that I am making another pair of Wonderland Heather and Marble Heather socks.

It’s hard to believe that the school year here in Oregon is back in session. It is just one of those things you have to think about when driving through a school zone.

I will be so happy if summer is really over. It is about time for it to be cooler and for the rain to be coming back.

The one nice thing about back to school and this time of year, now that school is in session and stores are trying to make room for the Halloween stuff? Awesome sales on school / work supply stuff like planners and lunch bags.

I had a couple interviews this past Monday, and yes I know it was a holiday. Maybe something will come of one of them. Even part time work is better than nothing. As long as it is honest work, no work is beneath me. I may have a college degree but I am not afraid of hard work, and working my way up from the bottom. I figure that all work experience is good experience and I have learned things from each of the jobs I have had. Everyone one career path and journey is different. If you would have asked me what I wanted to do 10 years ago, it was totally different than me now.

Longing for Autumn 

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday had been unseasonably cool, and a bit wet at times. 

It has been the perfect day to bake cookies, drink tea, warm some Apple S’mores Scentsy cubes in my Scentsy warmer, work on some knitting, and day dream about autumn and having a home of my own. 

I am still trying to find a job, so that I can do normal, boring adult things, as well as try new recipes and bake new stuff. I am also longing to have a home of my own and my own kitchen again. I do miss having my own kitchen. 

There are so many things I want to try cooking, baking and canning – just not all three to the same food item. I really want to make my own jams, jellies, preserves and syrups. I also want to can fruit and pickles. I want to be able to make more breads and try new main courses and be able to do some entertaining.

I would love to have a freezer full of fresh caught fish (various kinds of salmon, trout, cod, etc), some elk, venison, moose pork (raised on site), locally raised lamb, and chicken (that was raised on site). I know there are animal rights activists out there that are anti-hunting and anti-fishing. To all of them, I would rather have locally hunted/ locally caught meat, that I know where it came from and that it was free range, and wild in its natural habitat . Meat that comes from commercial farms that use hormones, antibiotics and have cruel and inhumane confinement where the animals are living in dirt and manure is poor quality even at best. 

Having had better quality food, as well as the whole fresh air, gorgeous scenery, and the whole less screen time (even if it means crappy internet), would totally be worth giving up the city life for. 

I long for a life of honest hard work, to have an overall better way of life. I want to grow and raise as much of my own food as possible, and what I cannot grow or raise (or feasibly do so on a non commercial level), purchase locally from those who do. 

I actually do enjoy Homemaking, and yes, I would rather be in the kitchen cooking, baking, and canning or out in the garden, weeding and picking fresh produce over sitting at a desk, in an office, any day of the week. 

Now watch, I may have to eat those words, but really, in all honesty, I would rather be a modern (ie have electricity, indoor plumbing, central heat and AC, and a modern kitchen) homesteader, than have a career in corporate America. I like being tired from a long day of physical work. 

Yesterday I had also worked a bit on my current sock that I am knitting up. I finally got the cuff done, which is making progress. That anymore seems to be what takes the longest since I do 1 x 1 ribbing. 

The weather yesterday totally had me wanting to to be autumn already, so it would be cool, overcast and wet almost everyday, or at least sunny with the high around 65, with cool crisp mornings, and a crispness to the air as the leaves are turning to the beautiful autumn colors. I so want to be able to decorate for autumn and be warming scents like Apple S’mores and Pumpkin Roll daily. 

Going Back To School?

Hey Everyone!

For the past 7 years I have been looking for work, and had several odd jobs over the past 7 years. I began really looking for work while I was in my last term of college.

Now 7 years on, I have really seen the need to have more education in addition to the Bachelors Degree in Social Science that I already have.

At this point in time, I am seriously looking into going back to school. Social Science, especially at the bachelors degree level, without a teaching license, isn’t much use in the current economic climate. There are a couple of career paths I am considering, one is a bit more promising than the other, and I will likely pursue the more promising one. The more promising one, is also the more practical and have a clearer idea of what I need to do to achieve the end goal, which is a career.

My biggest hurdle now, is finding a job I can support myself on, so I can go back to school and further my education.

As of right now, I am looking at getting a second bachelors degree, and then going on and getting a masters degree.

I know I am not saying much about it, and being a bit cryptic. I will write more about about it, when I have more information, and I know for sure what I am going to be doing, and when things are lining up, and falling into place. Going back to school is still very much in the early stages, and there isn’t much to talk about yet.

Future Possibilities 

Hey Everyone! 

The past week or so has been crazy, with family coming to visit, and stuff.

Overnight a storm rolled in, which took out power to many parts of the city, so I am writing this on my phone while I am waiting for the power to come back on. 

Amid the craziness, I feel like I have a direction career wise to work toward. It does involve going back to school and getting a second bachelors degree. My first Bachelors degree wouldn’t be wasted even with getting a second one. Getting the second one would hopefully allow me to tie both together in a career and be able to use both. The second degree I am looking at pursuing, is on the surface and in many ways very different than my first bachelors degree, but those who know me would see how they would both work together in my case. Until I know for sure that I am going back to school and moving, i don’t want to talk too much about it, but I just wanted to share with you all what’s on the radar. 

While there are parts of the Portland Lifestyle and culture that I love, I have known for a good decade that big city life isn’t for me. If it works out to go back to school, I would live in a city 1/4 the size of the city I live in now, and from there I hope to move to a small town or smaller. I know it would be harder with the whole food intolerances thing, but dairy free alternatives and Bob’s Red Mill flours can all be ordered, and a garden can be grown. I would totally make it work, and it would be worth it to live in a small town, and get away from the big city. 

I would also be outdoors more and get to use all my knit wears that I have been working on for the last few years. That also would be amazing. 

Living a Simpler Life

Hey Everyone!

Over the course of the past few years I have been working to figure out what I am supposed to be doing with my life. As time has gone by, I have been finding myself spending more and more time outdoors, going on adventures and hiking. Since I graduated from college, I have developed food intolerances and sensitivities, which has made food a big deal for me. Knowing where my food comes from and sticking to whole grains, lean proteins, fresh & local fruits and vegetables is my goal.

What I have come to the conclusion is that the city life is not for me, and I want to live a simpler life. A life that is less about having a lot of material goods and more about actually living life and living more off the land, without excess. 

I don’t want to live completely off grid, but I want to take advantage of a simpler life, where I make as much of my own stuff as possible. I also want to take advantage of alternative energy sources such as Solar, Wind and hydro power that are renewable. 

I have also been trying to use more natural products, as I have found that skin care, laundry care, dish care products are so full of synthetic chemicals that cause adverse reactions and have been linked to diseases that were nowhere near as prevalent 65+ years ago. 

To some extent I am going more natural, there are still areas of current mainstream society that I don’t want to go without. I know I would miss having a cellphone, internet, grocery stores (for food that I am unable to grow or raise myself), and my current wardrobe. 

I have loved being out in the woods, campfires, canning fruit, making jam, going to the farms or farm store / co op and buy what I can’t grow or is not time / cost effective to grow small scale from local farms and orchards where they grow what I want on a larger scale. I love supporting local. 

From the time I was young, I have been fascinated by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s life as a girl and young woman growing up and living on the frontier and being a pioneer. 

The college I had attended was in a small town in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of farm, wine and hops country. While I know there are towns even smaller out there, and even further away from the city. This experience, combined with the fact that I chose to spend as much time there as possible. I didn’t want to be one of those college kids who goes away to a school within 100 miles of my parents house, just to go “home” every weekend. I wanted to integrate myself into life there. I chose to stay there most weekends and most summers. It totally became my home. 

Having grown up in the city, and having had to come back after university, I have seen how expensive it really is to live in an urban area, especially on the west coast. It is difficult for a young professional, like myself to find a job I can support myself on and maintain the city lifestyle. 

My dream job is living in a small town to a small city (like under 70k people max), and blogging about living a simpler life, more off the land, where I can spend more time outside when the weather permits. I also want to blog about the homemaking end of things, as well as what I knit up for myself. 

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Hey Everyone!

This has been a busy week. Wednesday we got several inches of snow, which shut down the city and brought traffic to a stand still. It took my mom 3.5 hours to get home (21 miles, which is usally a 30 – 45 minute trip). I fortunately was still able to work Wednesday and Thursday since I work from home. 

Friday, we braved the elements and went out and did some Christmas shopping. Yesterday I had gone and gotten my hair cut, I also had several packages arrive (finally), so I was able to get samples made for my Scentsy customers. I also got my Perfectly Posh package, a Barnes and noble package, and my native (deodorant) packages. 

I haven’t talked about it much on this blog, but I am working onliving a  more simple life. At the end of this month I will no longer have Netflix, once season 6 of Grimm airs, I will get rid of Hulu Plus. I am really trying to cut down the time I needlessly spend on my computer playing computer games and watching shows I am not even really interested in. I still have several tv shows on DVD as well as movies, if I want something to watch while I knit, but I am really trying to spend more time doing things like reading, being outside, and being productive. 

I know I have mentioned that I miss the lifestyle I had in college, going to class during the day, coming home and studying, or writing papers, or doing other homework. So I was pretty busy, on the weekends I would hang out with friends, and once school would be done for the term I would sleep and read books of my own choosing (especially since my minor was literature). Living in a small town where you could barely get the basic TV channels without cable, if at all, you had to find ways to entertain yourself. Once I had my own place I had girls nights and stuff at my place, and went and did other stuff with my friends. Also being a part of a small church, I went on several ladies retreats and my best friend and I had gone to the beach at least once together (not to mention the times I went on my own). 

As Christmas approaches, it the busyness I am trying to slow down, reflect on this year, and how I want to do so next year differently. 

Who am I now

Hey everyone! 

The past few weeks I have been reassessing the direction my life is going and what direction I should be working toward. 

When I was younger (under the age of 25) I was totally working toward a career and pursuing an education, because that is what society told me I was supposed to be doing. While neither of those things are bad, they may not be for me.

I have definitely changed since I was the 23 year old, who packed up and went off to New York to be a nanny. That girl wanted a “real” career, who was focused all on my own goals. I was totally focused on being completely self sufficient and taking care of myself. 

I haven’t given up working, as I still have bills to pay, and I am still single. Though I have recently realized, that it isn’t just about me. Even though I am still single I believe there is a guy out there for me to marry and have a family with. 

When I went to college, it was completely for selfish reasons, I did it for myself, in order to further my career, and how many 18 to 22 years think about their education as an opportunity to grow as a person, and help them become a better adult. Now, yes it can still help me in terms of work and jobs and stuff, but it also more than that. If and when I have kids, I will be able to be a better mom. I don’t regret anything I have done, it all has shaped me into who I am today, and I am a stronger person because of everything I have experienced. 

If I could do anything I wanted, I would want to live on a farm, and have a vegetable garden, where I could grow vegetables and berries, and have a few fruit trees. I would also want to be a stay at home wife and mother if it was financially possible. I would continue to blog about life, living on a farm and what that entails, as well as doing more about living a healthier lifestyle and growing a lot of my own food, as well as home preservation of food. Even if I never have a farm, I would love to have a back yard, and put some raised beds for growing food, and maybe have a few chickens. 

I grew up in the city, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, it just didn’t work well for me, and for my personality. My parents worked, and I was responsible for getting my homework done myself from the time I was in elementary school. From the time I was old enough to be left home alone, I would be home alone after school until my brother or parents got home. As much as I hate to admit it, in high school, unless my homework involved reading a book, if it didn’t get done during the school day, it just didn’t get done. I typically came home and watched tv until my parents got home and then read a book until I went to bed. So yeah, I want a different lifestyle for my children should I ever have them. 

College was a completely different story from my middle school and high school experience. I had chosen a school that I had to move away from my parents house to attend. That honestly was the best thing I could have done for myself. It was hard at first, but by the time I had changed my major things were a lot better, I was doing my assignments, readings, and papers and I was doing a lot better. When I was doing my major and minor classes, my gpa was often over 3.0 if not it was close. Having my own place to call home was part of what made the difference. It was my space and I h ad my own rules and it was more conducive to actually doing homework. 

As a young woman in the 21st century, especially living in a large city, I grew up with the ideology that after high school you go to college and begin your career, get married and have kids, and go back to work when your maternity leave is up, and leave the actual raising  of your to someone else, because you need to have a career of your own, and living within your means on one income is archaic and it violates your rights as a woman. You want to know what is my right as a woman? Making one income work, living within our means, so that i can stay at home and be the wife and mother I know I want to be. I went to college, graduated, I have held jobs, but given the choice I would like to be a stay at home wife and mother. Maintaining a home and caring for a family is a full time job in and of itself. I am still very firm in my beliefs, and I am still very independent, and could never be a stay at home daughter (that probably has something to do with how I was raised, how independent I am, and the fact that I am the youngest of two kids). 

Part of my whole career driven mentally was so that I could afford to have my own place again. Once I went off to college, my parents house stopped being home, so when I had to move back to my parents house after college, it never felt like home, when home as I knew it was what I had left behind. 

Home to me, is where I have the freedom to decorate any way o want, the freedom to have friends over if I want, and they can stay over if that is how it works. Home is having my own kitchen where everything in it was mine, and it was organized how I wanted it. I guess that could be partially a girl thing. Now that I know what it is like to have a home of my own and have that responsibility and freedom, I had thrived in that environment. The responsibility and freedom went hand in hand, and I thrived on both, and I want that again, as well as a husband and family to live there with me. 

I am the kind of person who thinks the city life is overrated and was bored by it years ago. My adventures blog pretty much affirms that, as I was always going somewhere to get out of the city on the weekends and spending 2 weeks in the city without a break was more than enough. By city life I mean a city of more than 25,000 people. I have lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere and did just fine. 

My blog has totally evolved over the years since I began blogging, more than 4.5 years ago. It has been interesting to see my journey in who I am over the past several years. 

That is a lot for a blog post, so I think I will leave it there for now.