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I am my Grandmother’s Granddaughter 

Hey Everyone! Somethings are genetic, others are factors that come into play from how we were raised and what we were exposed to from a young age.  As I am getting older, I have been realizing how much I am … Continue reading

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Part of Growing Up

Hey Everyone! I woke up to overcast skies and cool temperatures, which looks and feels like fall is here. Who knows how long it will last since it is only August.  This week is youth camp, and it is kind … Continue reading

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Being “Auntie” is Awesome!

Hey Everyone! I have had a very busy and productive Monday. I switched my weekday off so I could watch two of my friend’s kids for a couple hours while she was getting stuff done here in town. Prior to … Continue reading

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Funerals are Hard

Hey Everyone! Today has been a busy day. Beings that I work 4 ten’s, I had today off, which worked out well. I got up and out of the house this morning. I got some errands ran. I went to … Continue reading

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Finding parallels

It is hard to comprehend that my grandma was my age when World War 2 ended, and that she had been the same age I was when I graduated college, when the attack on Pearl Harbor took place. My other … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

Hey guys! Today while my Dad and I were straightening up the garage, and he came across one of the photo albums my grandma had made, of pictures from when my brother, myself and my two cousins on my dad’s … Continue reading

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Losing my Grandparents

If you are reading this post it means that I decided to post it, and to share with all of you something’s I don’t share with many people and not very often. Some of what I have written is hard … Continue reading

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