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On the Go day after day

Hey Everyone!

Since Thanksgiving, life has been going non stop. 3 weeks of full on, full force going and doing. The past three weeks have flown by.

Yesterday I had another interview, which I thought went well, but I have to wait and see a bit to find out if I got it.

After my interview I had gone for a little drive to clear my mind a bit. Afterward I ran a couple errands. I had stopped at Bob’s red mill, picked up a couple baking mixes, before stopping at the grocery store to pick up my brother’s Christmas present and a few other items.

I had work this morning. I even slept for a few hours since I got home, but I am still exhausted.

I had one of my orders of yarn arrive this morning while I was asleep, so I opened it up this afternoon.

The darker yarn is a worsted weight yarn, that has more yards per hank, while the off white / cream colored yarn is a bulky yarn that has fewer yards per hank (hence more hanks).

I have been enjoying being able to work on different knitting projects. I have a lot of yarn and so many ideas of what I want to make with it all. I am still working on socks, but I am also in a shawl mode as well.

As I sit here writing this, I have a batch of gluten free dairy free brownies in the over and it is overcast outside.


Busy Tuesday

Hey Everyone!

This morning I worked my normal shift at work, then afterwards the crazy busyness ensued. Afterward, I came home got food, showered and got ready for an interview (for a second job), and went to said interview.

My day really didn’t end there, I also had some errands to run. By the time I got done running around town, dealing with things like going to the bank, getting bills paid, and a couple fun errands like picking up some Christmas decorations since I could get them with my employee discount, and got new earrings that I can just leave in and not have to take out to shower or sleep, it was a busy day.

By the time I got home and got food, and went to bed for the day, it was a little after 2 pm.

Now I am up again and need to start getting ready for work again.

I should hopefully hear back on the second job by the end of the week.

That is one thing I never really missed about the city while I lived in a small town, how busy running around town a day could be. I really didn’t miss the hustle and bustle of the city. Sometimes even now that I have been back for years it still is overwhelming.

That’s a Wrap

Hey Everyone!

My first week at my new job is over. It feels like it flew by. Then again I feel like I slept through most of it. Then again I kind of was. If I wasn’t at work, or eating food I pretty much was sleeping.

At some point this afternoon I should take a nap. Beings that I don’t have to be getting up at 1:30 in the morning, I can attempt to get a regular night of sleep.

Besides being a bit tired, and knowing that I did work this week, the other way I know I did is because I am kind of sore. I took an Aleve this morning before I left.

This week I have driven to work in the early hours of the morning when it was dark, to get off work and come home during the morning rush hour. Getting glimpses of the freeway made me glad I was taking the cross country route on surface streets.

After the first couple of days this week, it has really been fall like, which I have been loving. I have been longing for the cool mornings, and cooler afternoons that are still warm enough to going outside without a jacket but cool enough so that I am not roasting. I have noticed that some of the trees are starting to turn.

As I get more used to my work schedule and figure out the sleep schedule that works best, I am hoping to be able to get some more knitting done that I have this week. One episode of the blacklist and a couple short Vlogs on YouTube and I am done.

For the first week of working a new job, especially with hours I am not used to, this week went really well, and I am not dreading Monday.

Sleeping All Day

Hey Everyone!

I had my first shift of my new job this morning. I had to be up and out really early to start early. It was interesting starting work in the dark and seeing the sun start coming up while working.

I realized I was really hungry around 5 am, so after work I stopped at Trader Joe’s on my way home to pick up some apples, bananas and Kind Bars. I wasn’t initially looking for kind bars but that is what I ended up buying since clif bars really didn’t sound good.

After I got home, I showered, ate breakfast and went to bed. I went to bed around a quarter to eleven this morning and pretty much slept straight until a quarter to give this evening.

I got up, had some dinner, watched a few vlogs, and knit for a bit.

Definitely going to get some more sleep before going back to work.

For now my job is a seasonal part time position, but I at least have a job for now. I am thankful to have a job again.

Part of why I am tired today is because my job is more physically demanding than my previous job. I like working hard and being tired at the end of the shift or end of the day.

City Living

Hey Everyone!

I am one who does love small town, but as much as you want something, some dreams aren’t supposed to become a reality, and at this point, small town life my be a happy chapter in my younger days.

Like maybe the reason I have not found a job someplace else is because there is a reason I need to stay in Portland, and that there is a job here for me somewhere. I know, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, it doesn’t make sense to me either, especially since I have spent the last 7 years feeling stuck here, and have not had much success in the job department here.

Some days I can’t imagine staying in the city, other days, there is no other place I would rather place be.

Having food intolerances, and having learned how to manage them while living in the city, would definitely complicate things for living in a small town, as I would constantly be coming to the city to get the Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free baking supplies I have grown accustomed to. Living outside of the metro area, would add the cost of gas to come to the city to go shopping. Over the last few years, I have gotten used to having several Trader Joe’s Stores, as well as New Seasons, Whole Foods, and urban Fred Meyer’s stores all within a 5 mile radius. Not to mention all the yarn and craft stores we have here. We also have my favorite bakery here in the city, as well as several locally owned tea shops and coffee roasters. Starbucks is over rated, especially when you have Dutch Bros, Human Bean, Barista, as well as Stump Town Coffee Roasters. Not to mention the fact that we have Stash Tea, Steven Smith Tea Maker, and the Tao of Tea here in the city as well.

Granted I can find a job, it’s not like I can’t go to beach, whenever I have a free day and want to take off and go. Or going back to where I went to college and seeing the friends I still have there, as it is only an hour an a half away.

Just having the easy access to Gluten Free & Dairy Free food, and having natural grocery stores near by makes living in the city worth it. With that, I would still love to have a large enough backyard to have a garden still.

Life is Returning to Normal

Hey Everyone!

As much fun as it was to have my Aunt and Uncle visit from Canada, they had to head back up north yesterday morning. On their way back home, they were stopping by my oldest cousin’s house, for a few days. My oldest cousin lives in Alberta.

Today was definitely more relaxing. I did do a little bit of baking; I made gluten free, dairy free pumpkin muffins, which are really good. I love pumpkin flavored stuff.

I have also spent time today working on the current pair of socks I am knitting up. The socks I am working on, I am using the very first skein of yarn I had purchased with the intent to use to make socks with. In the years since I had purchased this yarn, I have definitely learned about what types of yarn work well for socks, and what “Sock Yarn” is really a huge pain in the rear to try to knit up into socks. The yarn I am currently working with isn’t the worst yarn I have worked with to make socks, but so far it is my second least favorite yarn to use for knitting up socks. Now that I have knit up a few pairs of socks, and have tried a few different kinds of yarns, I am figuring out what works, and what doesn’t work.

What I am supposed to be doing career wise, and with my life in general has been on my mind a lot lately.

I know I want to live in a small town somewhere here in the West, primarily in more northern climates that aren’t too different than what I am used to where I am. I know I want stay in the mountain west, North of the 44th latitude Parallel, and no further east than the front range of the rockies. Though living in Alaska, Oregon, Washington or northern/western Idaho is preferable. This part of the country is home for me, and it’s in my blood. I want to be able to live somewhere where I can have a garden at least, and maybe some fruit trees and a few chickens, and eventually maybe some goats as well. This part of the country is one of the best growing regions (in my opinion) for local produce, like Peaches, Pears, Apples, Cherries, Cucumbers (to make pickles) as well as Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, huckleberries, blueberries. I would love to be able to grow my own strawberries, raspberries, apples, lettuce, spinach, some herbs, carrots, rhubarb, and so much more.

I definitely want to do more in the way of homemaking and doing things like making jams & jellies, canning fruit, canning pickles, knitting, living a more natural lifestyle, and doing more of the things that women used to do back in the late 1940’s and 1950’s.

While knitting has definitely made a comeback in the past couple of decades, there was about two or three decades when it almost died out. Out here, where I am from, yarn stores are prevalent. I don’t know about other parts of the country, but at least out here, knitting and crocheting won’t be dying out any time soon.

Over the course of my teenage years, and now into my early adult years, it has amazed me, at how many young women my age don’t know how to really cook from scratch, let alone do some basic baking and canning – something my grandmother’s generation for sure learned how to do. I did learn how to cook and bake from scratch, which has definitely served me well since I developed food intolerances.

Being able to preserve, and share a part of our history is important to me. I am glad I wasn’t my age now, back in the early 1950’s, and that I can be my age, now, in the 21st century, but there are a lot of things about my grandparents generation, aka “The Greatest Generation” or “The G.I. Generation”, that were children and young adults during the great depression, and were young adults during the second world war. Many of whom, who were born toward the end of the generation were the “housewives” of the 1950’s and 1960’s (Like my grandmother’s).



Life Update

Hey Everyone!

I haven’t really talked about what I was doing for work on this blog, mostly because I didn’t really want to talk about it, and really didn’t feel that it was appropriate at the time to talk about what I was doing. From mid – November 2014 until recently I had been working for one of the local phone/internet companies as a contractor, where my title was Engineering Assistant. I was hired to help with a big project that they had going and needed help with. Now that it is wrapping up, they didn’t need as much help with it, so I am now looking for a new job.

This job had given me about 2.33 years of work experience at the same job, which is a huge deal for anyone my position, who graduated from college during the recession who had also struggled to get work experience. Each of the jobs I have held have been learning experiences, in who I am, and what I am supposed to be doing career wise with my life. While I don’t see myself having a career as an engineer or with the phone company, I don’t regret having taken this job, nor do I see it as a mistake or a bad career move. Like I previously stated, it gave me more than two years of work experience at the same job, It also gave me an income during that time, during which I was able to make some progress in paying off my student debt. It also allowed me to work on growing my personal library. I have purchased plenty of books during the past two years. It also allowed me to buy yarn, in which I have and will be able to knit up into some amazing items. It also allowed me to pay for some weekend adventures, which have been a blast.

In the course of the adventures I have been on, and being able to really get out and see more of the city I live it, and experience it, I have learned a lot about who I am and the direction my life is going in. I love this part of the country. This is my home.

I have had the opportunity to go on more hikes, and spend more time at the beach, and that has been amazing. I love hiking, it is one of those things that I will keep doing for as long as I am able to.

Over the past couple months I have been stocking up on Sock Yarn, so I can knit myself socks that are sturdier, warmer, and of a better quality than store bought socks for Hiking socks. I am all about doing as much DIY stuff as possible, and I love making hand knit goods for myself that are not only pretty, but also functional and useful to my lifestyle. I definitely love being outdoors, exploring the are around me.

My love of History, especially that of Women’s roles, and what women did throughout history, has been a passion of mine that has been thriving. Between knitting, and learning more about homemaking, cooking & baking healthy dairy free, gluten free, egg free food.

This winter was hard, normally I love winter, and I love the rainy, grey days. This winter I have been in a funk, largely due to stress. Now that we have had a few nice, semi warm (like 58 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit) and at least partly sunny, so that has helped me get out of the funk. I am doing fine now, with some sleep and a nice day.

Today, I have been working on a pair of socks I am working on, I also got a load of laundry done, as well as relaxing which is really important right now. Burn Out and negative stress are not healthy, and I am working to get back to a good place when it comes to the stress thing. I also got my resume updated, so come Monday, I can hit the ground running to find a new job as quickly as possible.

Expanding on my Knowledge Base

Hey Everyone!

If you just smile and behave you can always get your way.
It’s a universal plan that’ll get you where you can in all societies.

This line from a country song, popped into my head today while I was on my way back from the office. It popped into my head, in large part because of what happened while I was at the office. It was actually a pleasant surprise today. I still have a job, and I still have my full hours and stuff. I am just being taken off a project to help with a different project that is going to be needing extra help here in the near future, which is good for me. What made it even better, is that the manager who is in charge of the project I am going to start helping with, is one I sat next to, and got along well with while I worked on prem, and have kept in touch with when I had to go in and pick up prints and stuff. So she had asked for me when it came up for which contractor to pull off the project I currently working on. I don’t mind doing my current job, and will totally work on which ever project they need my help with, it was just kind of nice to know that I was asked for by name. The point is, and why the quote came to mind, is that when I started my job a little over 10 months ago, I knew I would be one of the youngest, if not the youngest person in the office, and I wasn’t going in to this job to make a whole new group of friends or anything, I just wanted to get along with my coworkers. That paid off. I got along with most of the people who sat around me, and had gotten to know a few better than others, which is normal in that size of group, but this particular person and one of the others (who had worked with my mom, when she had worked in that building), I hit it off, and definitely was part of their group. There was some work in the beginning, and putting myself out there in the beginning (going and joining them for lunch room for lunch) paid off. I know I have made a good impression, but that at least with a few people I didn’t have to work that hard, I was just myself and it happened.

I will admit, I am not perfect, and my best friends can tell you that when I am around them, and we aren’t someplace where we have to be on our best behavior I can definitely act my age, and have some fun. At the same time I learned how being mature, responsible, polite, and “behaving”, gets you more in the long run than being irresponsible and goofing off when it is time to be serious and mature.

In this change of projects at work, I give the credit to God, I was not expecting this but from what little I gathered today, God had worked it out so that I was the one who got switched. I can only give God the credit for this, and I am thankful for all that he has done for me lately.

Ready for change

Hey Everyone!

Over the past 9 years Portland has really become the Bain of my existence. I had to move back after college because the job opportunities are greater here, even with that unless you are an engineer of some sort or in the health care fields, you can’t find a decent job here with a bachelors degree. I am working at the best job I have had since I graduated from college and yet I am still unable to support myself and make loan payments each month. Until I started my current job I worked odd jobs here and there which never lasted. 

Real estate prices and property taxes are climbing steadily each year, which prices normal people like myself out of the housing market. 

If it weren’t for the fact that I was forced to move back to my parents house after college, I could not afford to live in the Portland Metro Area. Between not being able to find a job that pays decently with my education and skill set and the ever increasing housing prices, I am looking to find a job and move elsewhere.

I don’t know where I am going to end up but I am willing to move where I can find a job I can support myself on, even if it is someplace I would not have thought of or wanted to move in the first place. I have seen was not being flexible is like in that regards and I don’t want to end up like that. I have learned that being flexible and giving a place a fair shot (2 years at least and when possible) is good. The first year is the hardest, the second year is the getting settled and comfortable year, 3+ years, even if it isn’t your favorite place you have enough invested there that you can see it through or make a change. That second year is really the proving year, you made it through the first rough year and you are in a better place to really feel the waters and see if it is where you want to stay. Granted I am talking about the civilian world where one has a choice in the matter, unlike the military, some missions fields or non profit relief positions where you are send where the man sends you. 

Like I have mentioned I don’t know for sure where I will end up but my gut is telling me that it will be some place between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River. Where I should be looking for jobs and housing and such has been something I have been praying about for a while and seeking guidance from God on, while I do my part and look for and apply for jobs. 

I know I have been all over the place on where I want to live. In an ideal to me situation I could find a job I could support myself on in the mid willamette valley. Realistically I don’t see that happening in the near future. It could happen, but realistically I don’t see it happening. 

Every Weekend there is an Adventure

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all having a good week! My week has been going well enough, nothing earth shattering has happened, which is good. I only have tomorrow and then I am off for three days. I am super excited for Friday. I have been going on a lot of adventures in the past few weeks which have been amazing. I have really been enjoying getting out of the house and going and doing stuff. I don’t got to the beach every weekend. (I have been 6 times in about 3.5 months, you do the math).

This weekend I will likely be sticking around town, just because I have been gone a lot. I do have plans for an adventure on Friday. I will leave you all in suspense about what my upcoming adventure entails, until after I have gone on aforementioned adventure. All I have to say is that it is going to be a lot of fun.

This year will be the best year for adventures. While I know that going to Hawaii (week leading up to and including Memorial Day 2007) and New York (week centering around the 4th of July Weekend) are pretty amazing, being able to take off and go where I want on my day off is liberating and amazing.

Today I was also thinking about that this coming Friday will be 5 years since I graduated from University. A lot has happened in the past 5 years, I how grown up and changed a fair amount in that time. It hasn’t been easy, but it has made me a stronger person.

The Pacific Northwest is an amazing place to go on adventures, though I am ready to settle down and finally have a home of my own. Adventures are fun, and are keeping me busy until I can find the job that I can support myself on, in a place I want to settle down.