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Hey Everyone!

This past weekend was pretty busy.

Friday Night I had gone “Home” for Pizza night at church, and Sunday I went back down for church.

I am actually excited for March to be here. While I am not wishing my life away, I just have some plans in the works that I am excited about.

I am also ready for the days to be a little bit warmer (like 58 – 62 degrees Fahrenheit would be perfect), so I can get back outside and do some more exploring and adventures.

I have known that Portland isn’t for me, for years. I am ready to move on, find a job some place new and have some new adventures and experiences.

While I am still figuring out where it is I am headed, and while I am still in this part of the State / country, I am wanting to go on a few more adventures here while I still have the chance.

Between having been sick, and the weather not being super conducive to outdoor adventures, I have been working on my knitting projects. I have a couple triangle shawls in the works as well as always having some socks going. The latest pair of socks I am working on, I decided to break out one of the pretty colors of yarn to work with.

While I am further along on this sock than I was when I took this picture, this is the color I am working with.

Last week I did go out on a mini adventure to just get out of the house for a little bit and out of the city limits. I stopped by an old Pioneer Church and rustic / historic cabin (both are on the same property). I enjoy going out on this drive. I love that the country is so close, and not that far of a drive to get to.


Just Can’t Catch a Break

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was a busy one. I was feeling pretty good after having a cold last week. So I had gone about life as usual over the weekend.

Then yesterday I feel like I ran into a brick wall and had taken a few steps backward in the illness department. Last night was rough, my tonsils were pretty swollen all night and have finally gone down as the day has gone on. I definitely picked up another bug.

I shouldn’t be surprised beings my weekend was busy and I was just getting over another bug. My immune system hadn’t completely recovered.

Fortunately, I am able to stay home for the time being, where I can rest and drink plenty of water.

I had a good weekend at least. I got to spend some time with a good friend of mine as well as being in the part of the state I consider to be home.

End of October Already?

Hey Everyone!

It’s hard to believe that it is almost the end of October, Halloween is Tuesday and daylight savings ends next week (for those of us in the US and Canada). October has flown by.

This week was kind of chill, even though Monday’s truck showed up on Tuesday at work.

Beings that I was off on Thursday, I watched a movie, some TV shows on Hulu plus and Netflix, as well as worked on the pair of socks I am knitting up.

I had interviewed for a job last week, for which I haven’t heard back from, so it is safe to assume that I didn’t get the job. I know that is the way things go, and most places don’t let you know if you didn’t get the job, which can make it hard, especially as you are applying for a ton of jobs. While I am working, it is a part time seasonal job, so I am not banking on it past mid January. With that being said, I am definitely still looking for something that is full time and more than just a seasonal position. I would also like to move away from living in the city.

Yesterday, we went for a drive out to Sauvie Island for something to do. It was a beautiful day to be out.

I love this time of year, as well as being out in the middle of farm country. Most days I do miss where I lived when I was in college, as it was a small town in the middle of Farm, wine and hops country.

Hot Days and Going for a Drive

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday and today have been roasting hot. Yesterday was 94 degrees and today got to 88. While that isn’t hot for some areas, it is hot for Portland. Fortunately it has been cooling off quickly today. It went from 88 degrees sometime between 3 and 4, to 80 at about 5, and now at 8:30 pm it is sitting at a comfortable 62 degrees. 

This afternoon I needed to get out of the house and to go do something, so I went for a drive. It was so nice to get out of the city, even if it only was for a couple of hours. It was nice to be able to roll down the windows, turn up the radio and drive a two lane windy country road. That is definitely something I miss from having spent a few years living in a small town. 

While I would have loved to have gone to the beach, that was a bit out of a question, since the beach is and hour and a half to two hours away. I do love this part of the country. Well, the Mid & Northern Willamette Valley and the beach (Northern and Central Oregon Coast) anyway. 

Going up a mountain 

Hey Everyone! 

This afternoon I went for a drive, and decided to go to Mt Saint Helens. Today ended up being a stormy autumn day, and only got stormier the further up I went. While it was good for thinking, it wasn’t as good to see the scenery. I only went part way up before I turned around to head back, as I wanted to be in cellphone range before sunset. 

While I was on that mountain, and having it be chilly and wet, it got me thinking about the pioneers and early white settlers in this part of the country. I was thinking about how cold and miserable it would be to be having to live back then, if they didn’t have some form of permanent housing to repel the rain and a fireplace to make a fire, or dry clothes to change into. 

I love the outdoors, and I love living in this part of the country. I love the cold and the rain. I also love being able to come back into a warm dry house and having dry clothes to change into, and means of getting warm again, I love being able to warm up by a fire, with a hot cup of tea. I can’t imagine being a pioneer, with at best a tent this time of year, where it would be cold, wet and dirty 24/7 for months on end. 

The thought had gone through my mind, of being a pioneer woman who had left her friends and family behind, following her husband and his dream. Then spending your first winter out here in a homestead cabin, and how hard that would be. In trying to imagine what it would be like, and I wondered how many women deep down really wanted to say “forget it, this place sucks, I just want to go home”, but had to stick it out, as they had no choice. 

Yes that is the kind of stuff that goes on in my head when I am on my own. I think about women’s history, American history, and anthropology pretty much all at once. 

Climbing Volcanoes 

Hey Everyone!

The past few weeks have been exhausting, physically, mentally and emotionally. I have had a lot going on, and I didn’t really have the chance to get out and recharge by doing something I love doing, going on adventures. 

While I was out today, I realized that my adventures are part of who I am, and if I ever get married, then I had better make sure whoever I marry is on the same level in regards to adventures, and won’t try to stop me, and better yet would want to go along and suggest them, because they enjoy them as much as  I do. 

This morning I decided to go up to the Johnston Ridge Observatory on Mt Saint Helens (the one that erupted May 18th, 1980). I had been up there a few times over the years. The first time I was about 8 to 10 (so about 15 – 17 years after it had erupted), so I have been able to see how the mountain side has transformed over the years. The first couple of times, as you got closer to the top it was still extremely desolate, bare, and covered with damaged trees. The past couple of times (last summer and today), the mountainside below the timberline, is recovering pretty well. It has taken three and a half decades, a lot of replanting, probably some species reintroduction, and other species returning on their own but the mountain is healing what it can. It will always be topless and have it’s one side blown out, but the ecosystem that was lost is recovering. A lot of the replanted trees are still pretty spindley and need to fill out more, but it reminded me a lot of being in Canada and going up to my aunt and uncles house. 

I have loved being outside since I was little. So it is no surprise that being outdoors in the middle of nowhere is something that is completely in my element. I am sensible about when I go and when, for obvious safety reasons, but I also don’t let fear stop me from living my life and doing what I enjoy. 

Having grown up with seeing the mountains on a regular basis (you can see them from the freeway when they aren’t being hidden by clouds), I should be used to them, but I still can’t get used to how beautiful they are, and how fortunate I have been, to have been raised in this part of the country. I have been other places, but this area will always have a piece of my heart. 

As I am writing this I am exhausted, not because work was crazy, or because I am working for a paycheck while I squeeze in what I am passionate  about in what little free time I have, I would love more adventures and more time spent discovering new places (and learn their history) and revisiting places I had visited when I was young but didn’t appreciate then, that I would appreciate now. I also love writing about it. 

Something about being outside brings a part of me to life that gets shut away when I spend a lot of inside, not doing anything related to History, knitting, or planning adventures. I am an outdoorsy kind of girl. That is just how I am, I thrive on fresh air. 


Weekend Reflection

Hey Everyone!

Now that I am home, have unpacked, had a good night sleep, and some normal food I wanted to look back at this weekend and reflect on it a bit.

I did have fun this weekend. I am really glad that I went. This was my first Vlogger / YouTube convention, and I have a feeling it will be my last. Beings that the SacconeJoly’s were the only ones of my favorite vloggers not at this convention, I am good. I realized that while I enjoy watching vlogs, I don’t enjoy making them. I much prefer blogging (obviously….).

Navigating a city I am not familiar with, while getting myself where I need to go on time was a huge deal. When I went off to college 9 years, the idea of learning my way around a small town scared me, and yet this past Friday I took off for Seattle without batting an eyelash.

Whenever I am in Tacoma, I like going by my Dad’s old high school, not just because it is where my dad went to high school, but because its architecture is amazing and it sits overlooking Commencement Bay, which is part of the Puget Sound. I have been by where my mom went to high school here in Portland. it pales in comparison. My Mom’s high school opened in 1960, is of a modern architecture and has no impressive views from any vantage point.

While I am partial to Portland (even though I don’t like living here), though I do enjoy visiting the Tacoma and Seattle area, and seeing Mt. Rainier and the Puget Sound. It is an amazing change of scenery from where I live.

As much as I don’t care for living here, due to politics, the economy, taxes and such, you can’t beat the scenery. While I was in Washington I paid sales tax, which really isn’t a big deal, Oregonians just make a big deal out of it because we don’t have a state sales tax, but have state income tax.

It has been hazy all day, to the point it looks overcast from all the smoke that has settled over the valley from the wildfires.

This trip was definitely something  I needed to do for myself, and to prove to myself that all the work I have put in over the last 9 years hasn’t been a waste. Going away on my own, and going to a big city that I am not familiar with on my own and not having anything bad happen to me just reminded me that moving away, when I can find a better job is something I am capable of. I am up for the challenge and stuff like this weekend doesn’t have to scare me, and I won’t let the fact that something scares me stop me from doing it, if I know that what I am doing is the right thing for me. I am a strong, independent young woman. Going to New York on my own to be a Nanny is proof of that. Keeping safety in mind, there is a lot I want and will go do.

Love my weekends!

Hey Everyone!

Today was an amazing day, I slathered on the sun block and I went to the beach. I had been watching the forecast for the last few days, and today was supposed to be a hot one (around 90 degrees Fahrenheit) and it was, so I ditched the valley and went to the coast, where it was the perfect temperature. 

I waded in the ocean for a while, vlogged a bit, and just chilled on the beach. The ocean was a nice temperature today, it was still cool, but it was not the frigid feet numbing cold that it usually is. As I was winding down being on the beach, it was still to early in the day to head back for the valley so I drove to Astoria and went to Fort Clatsop. I walked around a bit there as they have some nice trails to walk along. The reconstructed fort smelt amazing (no joke, it really did smell good).

In recent weeks I have been going on adventures pretty much every weekend, and I am loving it. It gives me something that I enjoy to look forward to and to help me get through to the weekend. I also love having something that I enjoy doing to blog about, I know it makes it more interesting for you guys. 

Since I have been back in the city, and got cleaned up and fed I have been working on the baby alpaca wool scarf I have in the works with the yarn that I bought at Happy Knits. I am really loving how it is turning out. It is so soft, and the scarf itself is sturdy but pliable if that makes sense. The yarn itself is a sturdy wool to work with, but the fact that is super soft means that my scarf is soft and not super stiff. That means that it will be easy to wear how I want or need to wear it. 

I also spent a lot of time talking to my friends today as well which was awesome. 

Into the Woods

Hey Everyone! 

Today was another busy adventurous day. Today one of my friends and I went to Sauvie Island then ended up at Cooper Mountain to actually hike. It was a really pretty and relaxing. 

I also did the vlog today, of the footage I took yesterday and Today. 

After I got home from my hike I did laundry, made dinner for this next week, made gluten free and dairy free chocolate chip cookies, and now I am catching up on vlogs and knitting while waiting on my video to upload. 

I am so exhausted. I am excited to sleep in tomorrow. 

Fall has arrived in the Pacific Northwest

I love fall, everything about it. I love the clothes, the colors that are in season in fashion, the changing colors of the leaves, boots, the food, the smells, the decorations, having my knitwear be in season, I love it all.

Earlier in the day, I was tired of being cooped up. It has been a perfect fall day, overcast, damp, cool, amazing smelling air. I just had to get out of the house and go do something. Back in August I had gone and found the Pioneer Church at the Baker Cabin. It was fun to see it in the summer. I wanted to go see it on a cool, overcast fall day.


I had also gone up to the Military Cemetery in the city I live in. All 4 of my grandparents are buried in that cemetery. I knew 3 of the 4. It is hard sometimes to think about them, and what they missed out on. The grandma I was closest to, has missed getting to see two of her grandkids get married. The other grandmother has missed all 4 high school graduations, one wedding and her first Great-Granddaughter (who is also her first great grandchild).