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Knitting is a Way of Life.

Hey Everyone!

I got some new yarn in from KnitPicks on Thursday as well as yesterday (Saturday). I got in some Dishie yarn in several colors in order to knit up some dishcloths, as well as some more shawl yarn. Most of the shawl yarn I got in was to have enough on hand of specific colors I already had, in order to have enough to complete the shawls when I get around to those colors. I also got in some Wool of the Andes Bulky yarn in Hazelnut because I love the hazelnut color, and I love bulky shawls.

The past few weeks have been amazing knitting weather, which has been great. It looks like over the course of the next 10 days we will be seeing a bit more spring like weather. This means I will have to get out and go for a hike at least once and continue getting my hiking boots broken in.

I am also working on a pair of socks, that I have adapting the leg area of the pattern from what I have been doing. I just finished up a post about this change of sock pattern over on my knitting blog if you are interested in that kind of thing and want more specifics.

Working on my knitting projects and working through a lot of the yarn I have sitting out is definitely on my priority list.


Still Awake at 2 AM

Hey Everyone!

I have had several nights lately where I have been up until 2 am or later working on various projects. 

I am definitely a night owl, that is for sure, especially in the summer, when it is too hot to fall asleep any earlier. 

This time I have been up late working on some YouTube videos for my adventures channel. I had come up with a few ideas that I got started on earlier in the the day, and I am just now waiting on the past one to process on YouTube so it will be scheduled for another day. I got 8 videos edited, processed in the editing program, uploaded, scheduled and processed on YouTube. I am definitely hoping to be able to start creating more original content for all my YouTube channels here in the not too distant future as well as have new content for my blogs. I have no real desire to get big on YouTube, and if I were I would want it to be on my Homemaking (and hopefully at some point homesteading) channel as well as my knitting channel. My adventure channel and life at full speed channel (which I just started today), are really for me, 

I started the life at full speed YouTube channel just so I would have it claimed to match my blog and Facebook page, should I decide I want to make videos about life that are not so in depth and specific to Adventures, Homemaking & homesteading, and Knitting. I know it seems like a lot to have 4 YouTube channels on top of 5 blogs. I know it seems like a lot, and it is. I may not do a whole lot with the YouTube channels, but I want that option available once I have my own place again, and am able to actually have the space to film videos, and be organized about it. I love my blogs and won’t give them up, as I am definitely more of a writer than a speaker.