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Content with Small Town and Country Life

Content with Small Town and Country Life

Hey Everyone!

The past three weeks have been pretty busy, with the ladies retreat, and preparing for that as well the Rend Collective Concert last weekend, family coming to town to visit, and then Easter this past weekend.

There have definitely been a couple of times where I just needed to get out of the city,  and kind of regroup before throwing myself back into the city life.

I grew up in the city, so it was what I knew until I went to college. Even then it never really felt like home or that I belonged here, I just never knew why. I went to college in a small town, and it hit me like a ton of bricks as to why the city life never felt right or normal to me.

I came back to the city after college because of not having a job lined up in the small towns I was in and around, so I was forced back. The past eight years have been all about trying to find a long term job, and figuring out who I am, and all that kind of stuff.

While I have been figuring out who I am, the whole finding a job thing has been a bust, and hasn’t happened. Which has lead me to really consider moving, and looking for work in other parts of the country. Life doesn’t always work out the way you would hope it would. Dreams change as people grow and change.

I have been really trying to make a better life for myself, and live a simpler more meaningful life. Not being someone who is in the High Tech, IT, Medical, or Outdoor Wear, or Craft Beer fields, I haven’t found a place to fit in here, and have not had the opportunity to get my foot in the door on a career here, since there are so many other people who are unemployed and underemployed from the recession who have more experience in the “entry – level” fields than I do. So that has really push me to seriously consider moving someplace else to at least have a job. In addition to that, I would love to have new places to go exploring and hiking in.

As I have gotten older, the city life, and the increasing influx of people has been wearing on me. It has helped me to realize who I am, and the type of life I want to live, and that is a simpler life, away from the constant hubbub and traffic of the city. It has taught me what I am capable of, and that is more than I ever though I was. It has taught me that I am tougher, stronger, and more self sufficient than I thought. There is more to life than putting up with a life you hate, just because it is familiar. A life that has meaning and purpose is a life worth working hard for and fighting for.


Cabin Fever; The saga continues

Hey Everyone!

2018 has been a rough one so far for illness. I am sick for the third time this year and we are really only 2 months into the year.

All I want is to be healthy again and some half way decent weather so I can go hiking again.

The conditioning cream and the insoles I bought for my hiking boots came today, so I was able to condition my new hiking boots this afternoon, since they are full grain leather. I definitely want to protect them and have them last as long as possible.

Even though I am sick, today has been productive. I got some laundry done, and got my boots conditioned. I have gotten several blog posts written on a couple of my blogs, including this post. I have also been looking for a job.

Today has already been a two cup of tea day, and is about to be a three cup of tea day.

I will be giving essential oils a try here in the near future, to see if they help me stay healthy, help with my allergies and with stress. I am going to be trying a few blends.

I have too much going on this month to be sick again. I have a ladies retreat in a couple weeks that I will be attending as well as a concert the weekend after and I want to fit in at least a couple hikes before Oregon Spring Break.

I have also been sorting through some stuff, and seeing what I can get rid of, especially of things that don’t fit right or don’t fit period and I won’t wear. I am also trying to simplify what I have, with the exception of a few decorative things (even that I am trying to keep simple), I am trying to not have excessive amounts of material things that I don’t really need. If it is something functional, that I am currently using (or will for sure use when I move out on my own again) I am keeping it for now, but other things are just taking up needless space.

While I have no burning desire to living in a tiny home, I would rather live on acreage, with a modest farmhouse, bungalow or cottage, than a big house in the city. The one thing I would like though is a kitchen with decent counter space so I can have room to cook and bake, as well as a table that can seat several people, for family gatherings and such.

Just Can’t Catch a Break

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was a busy one. I was feeling pretty good after having a cold last week. So I had gone about life as usual over the weekend.

Then yesterday I feel like I ran into a brick wall and had taken a few steps backward in the illness department. Last night was rough, my tonsils were pretty swollen all night and have finally gone down as the day has gone on. I definitely picked up another bug.

I shouldn’t be surprised beings my weekend was busy and I was just getting over another bug. My immune system hadn’t completely recovered.

Fortunately, I am able to stay home for the time being, where I can rest and drink plenty of water.

I had a good weekend at least. I got to spend some time with a good friend of mine as well as being in the part of the state I consider to be home.

Time is Flying

Hey Everyone!

What a week.

Last Tuesday was very busy, and I slept the rest of the day.

Last week was one of those weeks where I ended the week exhausted after the week I had had.

Saturday, I went with my family to the annual Greek Festival at one of the Greek Orthodox churches here in Portland. We aren’t Greek or orthodox, we go for the Food.

I had Monday off, which was nice. I had needed the extra day off. Monday afternoon I had started packing up my room at my parents house. I have been going through what I want to keep and what can go, so whenever I am able to move away from here, I will be going as minimal as possible.

Working on living a more minimalistic life when it comes to material things, has been a goal of mine. I don’t want a lot of material things holding me back from living my best possible life or making it harder if I were to move half way or completely across the country.

As I have been getting older, I have been learning the value of memories and experiences are more important than a lot of material things that you don’t use everyday.

Don’t worry, I am not getting rid of everything. I am keeping my kitchen stuff (how else am I going to be able to cook and bake stuff up to post about on Simple Homemaking), my knitting stuff (my favorite hobby), my books, my autumn decorations and my Christmas decorations, among other things.

I have learned that I don’t need a big house, and lots of material things to make me happy, give me a comfortable pair of hiking boots and a beautiful day outdoors with a home to come back to at the end of the day and I am happy.

Simpler Way Of Life

Hey Everyone!

How I want to live my life has been on my mind a lot lately. I don’t want to let my life slip by, or be adrift and one day wake up and be like “how on earth did I get here?”

I want to live my life with intention, and have a purpose for how and why I do things. 

I am very much someone who has to work with their hands, whether I am knitting, or cooking, baking, canning, gardening, fishing or building things. I am very much Homemaking inclined, but not in the modern sense of the word. More so in the traditional, pioneer, frontier sense of the word, where women very much did tend to the home, as well as spent time outdoors. They gardened, gathered berries, raised chickens, and possibly helped with the other farm animals they raised. 

While I have the benefits of electricity, natural gas, solar panels (for solar energy), as well as indoor plumbing and the internet, I am at a point in my life where if I had the opportunity to live on some property, and be more self sufficient, I wouldn’t miss living in the big city all that much. 

I know I have written about having lived in a couple small towns in as close to the middle of nowhere as you can get in the Willamette Valley while I was in college. I loved being out there, and going for drives through farm country. That was were I was living the most true to who I really am, that I have to date. 

Even if I can’t have as big of a garden as I would like, and have to live in town, without the animals; being able to live in a small town in a more rural setting, but am still able to come to the city to get the variety of dairy free & gluten free food I am used to, I would be fine. 

I have loved learning about how common, normal women lived their daily lives between the 1930’s – the 1950’s. I loved hearing my grandmother talk about how life was during the Great Depression and the Second World War.  Hearing about how when something broke, you fixed it. They fixed it because either a) replacements for said items weren’t available, b) they couldn’t afford to replace it, or, c) both a and b were true. I had gotten thinking about that today when one of my sock needles broke. I am unable to purchase a new set at the moment, and without the needle that broke, I wouldn’t be able to continue working on socks. So I had to fix it, and fix it I did. 

I am working on living a more intentional life, where I have a job where I can work with my hands, and live a simpler way of life, and not need to have so many new things, and fix what I can, and build from scratch. 

Small Towns are where I am meant to Be

Hey Everyone! 

I know it’s been a while since my last post. Between being busy and sick, time just got away from me. 

I haven’t been to the beach since my last post, which is weird for me during the summer. The beach is seriously more my home than the city. Small coastal towns have their share of problems but I have never felt unsafe there or that it is worse than the city. 

I was out the other day and spent most of my time sitting in traffic, and was reminded of why, even though I was raised in the city, that I am not a city girl. It took me about as long to get to the bank (three miles away) as it does to go from Tillamook to Garibaldi (10 miles) or Rockaway Beach (15 miles). 

So that is what I have been up to lately; working, being sick, missing the beach, wanting a home of my own, and comtemplating my future. There is a huge part of me that misses small town life. I don’t need a Costco located 15 minutes from where I live, or a mall. I would be fine with a Safeway 10 – 15 miles away and making trips to the city for all the other stuff and see my friends here while I am at it. I totally thrived while I was in College, and the closest Fred Meyer was in a different county, and driving 20 minutes to the chain grocery store on occasion for a larger variety, and stock up. In between stock up trips filling in with the little local grocery store. 

Being in the city is foreign

Hey everyone!

As I was driving to work this evening it hit me hard, that even though I have lived in the city most of my life, city life is still extremely foreign to me. I really feel like I don’t belong in the city. I miss being 30 minutes from the closest freeway (interstate). I felt more at home and that life was normal when I drove 2 lane country roads daily, and only went into the big city (with a population between 150,000 and 175,000) about once every three months. Living in a town where going to the largest town in the county (with about 15,000 people) was 8 miles away and it took about 20 – 25 minutes to get into town. 

There have been many times in the past decade where the city was still completely foreign even though I was raised in it. 

Yesterday I had been missing the second apartment I had had in college, where I had a decent sized bedroom and loved the configuration of my closet. How my room was set up I had full access to my closet and half of it was divided into an upper and lower sections so I had 1/3 more space than my current closet. I loved it. 

Home and Beach

Hey Everyone!

This weekend has been busy, Friday I ran errands and got stuff done here in the city. Yesterday I had gone “home” for the Sunday school picnic that was put on by the church I went to while in college. Afterward I had gone to the coast before coming back to the city. I had also gone to the coast in part to see if I could meet up with someone I know who lives there. I didn’t see him, but being at the beach was worth the trip. 

Today I had gone to church with my parents this morning, then drove back down to where I had attended church while I was in college, for the evening service. I got to see one of my good friends and her kids. The drive back to the city is always the hardest part after being after being in the towns I grew to love and call home. They were more of a home to me than the big city ever has been. 

This summer has been full of trips to the beach, and other awesome adventures. I have been blessed to have been able to do all I have done this summer. 

Keeping Busy and Active is Amazing

Hi Everyone!

Beings that I am working, it is so much easier to just take off and go somewhere on my own if I just need to get out and go somewhere. Beings that I am paying for the gas, that is not an issue. For me, going to the beach, even for just a few hours is exactly what I need. Just driving, and getting out of the city, and going to small beautiful coastal towns recharges me.

I got up this morning, and got a move on, so I could get out of the house and get my day going. I stopped at the mall this morning. I went and got a clean eating cookbook and a vegan cookbook. I am not going full on vegan or vegetarian anytime soon, I am really just wanting to eat better, so that I feel better over all. Beings that I am dairy free 99.999999% of the time and gluten free 95%+ of the time I am really wanting fresh recipes to try, because I am tired of eating the same old things all the time. Beings that a friend of mine is a Beachbody coach, and has been running clean eating challenges over the last month, I decided to give it a try. While I have to plans to commit to the beachbody program, and be an avid shakeology user, I am giving PiYo and the 21 day fix a try, as well as trying Shakeology (I got the Vegan Chocolate flavor) for the 21 day challenge. I am really trying to mix things up, and try new workouts, primarily those that are low impact. I am wanting to get in shape, so between eating the right foods, and exercising I am working toward my goal of living a healthy, active lifestyle. It isn’t an easy goal, but I want it, and I am actively pursing it. My package of Shakeology came in the mail today. Part of my desire to get in shape is to help take some of the pressure off my knees, my heart, my lungs, and my left ankle, which I badly sprained when I was 15 and it never healed properly (leading to at least 2 subsequent sprains). I am wanting to help strengthen the muscles I have weakened by injuring myself.

While at the mall, I stopped at The Bath and Body Works and picked up a few (literally like four) hand soaps. I also stopped at the body shop to use my 8th point reward. I picked up another vial of tea tree oil, as well as the vitamin C moisturizer with SPF in it. Beings that spring is here, and summer is right around the corner I wanted a second face moisturizer with SPF in it beings that I love being outdoors. While I am fully aware that I need Vitamin D, and the best way to get it is spending 20 – 30 minutes outside, I still want to protect the skin of my face and neck from the UVA and UVB Rays. I normally don’t use sun block on the rest of my body, if I am just running errands or am not out for long periods of time. I do use it though when I know I am going to be out more than running errands and such. I totally put it on before going to the beach or hiking.

I then went to the coast for a few hours. I so needed the break from the big city. I am tolerating the city because this is where I am right now, and at this point in my life, but I get out of it as much as possible, because I am not a city girl at heart. I love the coast and I love small town life, so I spend as much time as I can in some of the small towns on the coast. I would have loved to have stayed at the coast. Every time I go to the coast I can’t get over how beautiful it is, and mind you I have been going to the coast several times a year since I was about 6 months old. I never get tired of it.

After I got back into the city, I went for a walk, got dinner and did a load of laundry before spending the rest of the evening on my computer thinking about blogging.

I know that everything happens for a reason, and that I have my job for a reason, even if it is just to be able to keep me in food and gas money so I can continue discovering what I love. If you had asked me even two months ago if I would be even more into healthy eating, and actively exercising on a regular basis (I strive for 6 days a week), I would have thought you were crazy. Then again that was also before I was forced to start working from home for my job, which then allowed me to switch from working 5 eight hour days to working 4 ten hour days, and getting off early enough in the evening to fit in a work out before dinner and still have a couple hours to relax and chill out before going to bed. I am also loving having 3 day weekends. It is allowing me to fit in doing more of what I want to do while still working full time.

Country Girl at Heart

Hey Everyone!

I have to laugh at myself right now, as I had most of what I written below, written for the wrong blog, when I wanted it here, so I had cut it, and then tried to paste it in the quick post main blog post writing page, that didn’t work. So I pasted it into a word document, opened up the correct blog’s dashboard, and here I am writing this post right now, with everything I had previously written.

It is Friday evening, and boy am I glad that it is the weekend. My job is going well, for which I am thankful. This is the first decent job I have had since I was in college. The previous jobs I had were good experience in the sense that I learned that the different fields were not where I was supposed to be.

That had gotten me thinking about the fact that I had changed my major from Early Childhood/Elementary Education to Social Science (with an emphasis in History), and how that was the right decision for me. I knew it was at the time, and in the years since I was in college I have had that reaffirmed several times. I may not be using my degree at the moment, but I hope to be able to somehow use it in the working world one of these days.

I was also thinking about how going away to college (albeit only about 65 miles away, but it was still enough away), was also the best decision for me. I know that being away, on my own, free to not let fear or pressure get in the way of finding a major that I loved and thriving. My first two years of college were tough, between a major I hated, a crappy black mold infested apartment with disrespectful and rude neighbors. It took changing my major, and making that decision all on my own, and following through on it was what got the ball rolling to make my college experience a good one. The day I changed my major, I had prayed a quick prayer to the effect of “Lord, if this is what you want me to do, make the process simple and easy”, two hours after the meeting with the adviser, I had a new major picked out (Social Science), as well as a minor (Literature), and I had all the required paperwork filled out and submitted to the right places. Walking back to my apartment after all of that, I had a peace about it that I can’t explain.

Over the last few years I have been getting more and more into Old Country (mostly Outlaw Country) With a little bit of Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies mixed in. Johnny Cash hooked me. My brother has been helping me with giving me suggestions for more to add to my library, of the same genre and style. I am loving have so much more music that has an actual story to the song. I get that country isn’t for everyone, and I am not a fan of most modern country, as it is trying to hard to be a pop wanna be kind of song. I like the old country music, as I can envision being out in a small town, hanging out at the hall or a grange and this is what is being played. Country Music reminds me of being at home (where I lived for 4 years while in college), especially during the summer. Something about it, and living in a small town was the life that I had and loved. I loved the life I had there. It was while in college that I realized how much of a small town girl I really was. The city life lost all its attraction, especially when the largest city in the state was only just over an hour away.

Where I want to travel has been on my mind for a little over a week now (since I ordered a new little travel backpack), I want to go, and see different places. I want to go to Kenya and see the Masai Mara. I also want to go to South Africa and go to Kruger National Park. While I know that safety is a priority, I need to do my research, and most likely be going as a part of a tour group. I have been wanting to go to Scotland for years (6+ now), and that is going to happen. I am going to make it happen.