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I am my Grandmother’s Granddaughter 

Hey Everyone! Somethings are genetic, others are factors that come into play from how we were raised and what we were exposed to from a young age.  As I am getting older, I have been realizing how much I am … Continue reading

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Winter Cabin Fever in the City

Hey Everyone! We have had snow on the ground for 7 days straight. Here in this part of the country means the roads are an ice skating rink until it melts off, so the city & schools has been shut … Continue reading

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Who ticked off Elsa?

Hey Everyone! This winter has been one for the records as we have had multiple snow/freezing rain/ice events occurring since the beginning of December and they just keep coming and dumping more when they hit. We had one that hit … Continue reading

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Going up a mountain 

Hey Everyone!  This afternoon I went for a drive, and decided to go to Mt Saint Helens. Today ended up being a stormy autumn day, and only got stormier the further up I went. While it was good for thinking, … Continue reading

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Travel Bug

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to check in, especially since I neglected to post yesterday. Spring has definitely arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. Trees are beginning to bloom, there are daffodils and crocus’ coming up. … Continue reading

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Winter Favorites

Winter, while it is not the favorite of mine that fall is, it ranks a close second. Reasons I like winter: The same cute clothes I mentioned in my Fall Favorites Post Christmas Christmas Activities at Church Still boots Weather … Continue reading

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Love being busy

Hey Everyone! What a week so far. This week has not been as hard as last week was. This week has been my second 40 hour work week, and my fourth week at my job. The early part of this … Continue reading

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Toto, It’s definitely not summer anymore

The first part of October, as well as earlier this month, it has been a bit above average temperature wise, and we have had a lot of nice, sunny weather. Since the low pressure system has dropped down from Canada, … Continue reading

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